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Aesthetic Prostheses in Turkey

Aesthetic prostheses in Turkey have been gaining a high level of attention recently. This situation is due to the application of aesthetic prostheses in Turkey at a high level. Turkey manages to take its place among the most developed regions in Europe with its dental health services. In Turkey, aesthetic prosthesis is designed in highly hygienic environments and professional quality conditions. Therefore, many individuals from abroad come to Turkey to have aesthetic prostheses. As it can be understood from here, Turkey has risen to the position of a country heard in international circles in terms of aesthetic prosthesis services.

Aesthetic prostheses are used if the teeth lose their functional structure and greatly lose their chewing ability. Therefore, today there are both fixed and moving prostheses. Moving prostheses are the more preferred professional prostheses today. Fixed prostheses stand out as standard products with lower costs. Merter Dental Clinic carries out studies on aesthetic prostheses in international quality standards.

What is Aesthetic Prosthesis?

One of the most frequently asked questions lately is what is aesthetic prosthesis? As a result of the caries and gum loss occurring in the mouth, the aesthetic appearance of the mouth is disturbed. At this point, aesthetic prosthesis services come into play. With aesthetic prosthesis services, patients regain the shape structure of their mouths.

Aesthetic prostheses are produced and released with an extremely meticulous work. Each prosthesis is suitable with the personal mouth structure of the person. Aesthetic prostheses occur in times of tooth loss. Merter Dental Clinic brings you professional solutions for aesthetic prostheses.

Am I Suitable for Aesthetic Prosthesis?

If tooth losses have occurred due to caries caused by accidents in the mouth of individuals, aesthetic prosthesis is activated in this direction. Am I eligible for plastic surgery? The question is usually asked by people who have suffered tooth loss.

Whether the people are suitable for aesthetic prosthesis is revealed as a result of doctor's checks. As a result of the oral films taken, the appropriate oral structure of the individuals for aesthetic prosthesis is determined by specialist physicians. Merter Dental Clinic implements aesthetic prosthesis applications in a rigorous process.

How is aesthetic prosthesis applied?

Aesthetic prostheses are attached to the mouths very easily. How to apply aesthetic prosthesis? Doctors first take the oral measurement of the individuals before performing the prosthesis. Therefore, the procedures are performed depending on the oral measure taken from the person. Afterwards, the prepared prostheses are transferred to the patients for trial purposes with candle templates.

As a result of the trials, the procedures end if appropriate, so that the prosthesis is approved by the doctor and placed in the final prosthesis patient. This process requires a lot of professionalism. Therefore, it is very important for doctors to design prostheses that are suitable for your oral size in terms of aesthetic appearance. Merter Dental Clinic also carries out a high level of work on fixed prosthesis.

What are fixed prosthesis stages?

Of course, when it comes to fixed prosthesis stages, we come across a very rigorous process. Merter Dental Clinic undertakes an effective study on the professional management of this process. One of the most important questions asked to dental clinics is what are the fixed prosthesis stages?

• The preparation stages of the teeth adjacent to the teeth, which are drawn as fixed prostheses in the first stage, are fulfilled.
• If the person has rotten teeth in their mouth, all rotten teeth are cleaned.
• Then the teeth are connected and fixed prostheses act as bridges.
• During bridge operations, other teeth to be connected are reduced.
• The reduced teeth are supported by special cover and placed in the support area.
• After these procedures, the teeth are rehearsed.
• As a result of the rehearsals with candle templates, the teeth are placed in the patient after approval by the doctor. .

How to Use Aesthetic Prosthesis?

One of the most curious issues of people is how to use aesthetic prosthesis? He's having a question. At first, aesthetic prostheses that are attached to the mouth should remain in the mouth morning and evening. The most important reason for this is the adjustment phase. People need to do dental care every day. In this context, they need to clean their teeth with a toothbrush continuously. At the same time, individuals should not eat hard objects at first. However, in the future, individuals will be able to eat hard objects as well.

What is Cosmetic Prosthetic Material?

What is cosmetic prosthesis material known as skin-friendly product? The question often comes up as one of the questions we encounter. Cosmetic prosthetic material is known as silicone material. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for skin health of individuals. Merter Dental Clinic also carries out a meticulous study on cosmetic prosthetic material.

Prostheses produced 100% compatible with cosmetic material give you advantages in all respects. Thanks to these advantages, people can use their prostheses with peace of mind. Cosmetic prosthetic materials stand out as products designed from extremely healthy material.

What are the differences between Moving and Fixed Prostheses?

Although the moving and fixed prostheses are very similar, they are separated from each other. What are the differences between moving and fixed prostheses? These differences can be listed as follows;

• Moving prostheses have mobility, as the name suggests. Fixed prostheses do not have this condition.
• Fixed prostheses act as bridges and do not have any functional functions. Moving prostheses are known as prostheses with highly professional properties.
• The prices of fixed prostheses are at more affordable levels. The prices of moving prostheses are one click higher.

Aesthetic Prosthesis Prices in Turkey

Turkey is a world-class country with aesthetic prosthesis services. Aesthetic prosthesis prices in Turkey vary depending on many factors. Price ranges are formed according to the patient's condition and prices are completely tailored to the patient. At the same time, the fixed and mobile status of the prosthesis to be taken is very important in the formation of prices.

The formation of prices is usually shaped around these main factors. He comes to Turkey from abroad to have dental prosthesis. These people benefit from a privileged service experience by receiving services from dental health clinics of VIP comfort from Turkey.

Aesthetic Prosthesis Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey?

  • How Long Does Aesthetic Prosthesis Last in Turkey?
    • The most common question that people who will come to Turkey from abroad to have plastic prostheses ask is, how long does plastic prosthesis last in Turkey ? There is no clear number of days today about how long aesthetic prostheses will last. This is because the procedures vary according to the patient's condition.

  • Is It Understandable If Aesthetic Prosthesis Has Been Performed?
    • Is it understandable whether the aesthetic prosthesis has been made for the people who are considering having an aesthetic prosthesis? The question comes up frequently. Aesthetic prostheses are made of silicone material and put on the market in a cosmetic way. Therefore, it is incomprehensible in your mouth that it is not real in any way. Aesthetic prostheses made of special materials have a realistic structure in the mouth. Therefore, people can choose to have an aesthetic prosthesis with peace of mind in this regard. There is no reason to have any reservations about this.

  • Aesthetic Prosthesis Is It An Obstacle For Me To Eat?
    • One of the most common questions to dental clinics on Google is does it prevent me from eating aesthetic prosthesis? It comes up as a question. Aesthetic prostheses do not in any way prevent people from eating. With aesthetic prostheses, people can eat very comfortably. However, at first, people should avoid eating hard foods in terms of getting used to. Liquid foods should be preferred at first. In the following periods, people will also be able to eat hard objects.

      When it comes to aesthetic prostheses in Turkey, Merter Dental Clinic is in an assertive position with professional solutions.

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