Smile Design in Turkey

Smile Design in Turkey


We can easily state that there is a high level of service in smile design in Turkey . The experience of dentists and the high technology of clinics in Turkey have attracted the attention of tourists. For these reasons, smile design has become very popular in Turkey in recent years. In addition, most of the treatments in Turkey have been successful.

Smile design generally aims to give a more beautiful smile in accordance with the facial anatomy of the people. At the same time, the patient's personal wishes are also taken into account in this application. The most preferred smile is the Hollywood smile. On the other hand, the low Slow smile model has also become very popular in recent years. People who have problems with laughing generally lose their self-confidence.

After the smile design, these people can have self-confidence again. There are many opportunities, especially for patients coming from abroad. Some clinics even provide accommodation and food service. For this reason, a good market research must be done before treatment. Smile design in Turkey is a special application that can be done internationally. It is recommended to have a smile design in the cases listed below:

  • If there is an irregularity in the length of the teeth
  • If there is a missing tooth in the tooth structure
  • If there is a crooked appearance in the tooth alignment
  • If there are abnormal stains and colors in the tooth structure
  • If the teeth have a generally bad appearance
  • If there are aesthetic negativities about the appearance of the gums
  • If there are disorders caused by the disproportion between the tooth and the tongue

How to Smile Design in Turkey?

Smile therapy is not a type of treatment that is suitable for everyone. In order to receive treatment, the patient must meet certain conditions. Persons under the age of 18 cannot benefit from this treatment. If you are over the age of 18, the patient is first examined by the dentist.

If the physician does not find a problem in the patient's teeth, he moves on to the second session. In this session, x-rays are taken and the mouth structure is examined in detail. In this section, the patient's tooth color, palate color, lower and upper jaw structure are recorded. In the light of these records, a smile is designed in the computer environment and shown to the patient.

This designed artificial smile is the smile that the patient will gain after the treatment. If the patient gives consent, the treatment phase, which is the last session, is started. From the treatment stage, teeth whitening and tooth alignment are performed. In addition, depending on the tooth structure, tooth heights and widths are filed in the same size. Afterwards, the problems of the decayed teeth are resolved. If the patient has gingival diseases , first the gingiva is repaired. Finally, lip folds are created in accordance with the smile and the treatment ends.

As you can see, the smile design takes 3 sessions and takes about 5 days. After the treatment, there are 3 control sessions. In order for the patient to use his new smile for many years, it is recommended to go to control sessions. Since smile design is an application implemented by professionals in Turkey, it also produces extremely successful results.

Smile Design Prices in Turkey

Smile design prices vary according to the patient's teeth and mouth structure. In general, smile design prices in Turkey are quite affordable when compared to other countries. Caries in the patient's tooth structure increases the number of teeth to be treated. In this case, it causes prices to increase. In addition, the preferred treatment methods for dental treatments also change prices.

In general, the additional cost of filling treatment is more appropriate. However, root canal treatment will increase the prices a little. At the same time, prices increase in cases such as gum diseases and jaw curvature. The price paid for the smile design is not just the treatment fee. It also includes the control fee. In this way, there is no need to pay an additional fee for control sessions.

In order for the lip structures of some patients to be suitable for a smile, first of all, aesthetic treatment is required. In such cases, an additional fee must be paid. In addition, another factor affecting smile design is the physician and clinical factors. Each clinic offers treatment at different fees. However, additional services vary according to prices. If you are considering a smile design in Turkey , you should definitely follow a detailed research process.

Advantages of Smile Design in Turkey

Gaining a new smile provides many advantages for the patient. In general, the advantages of having a smile design in Turkey are as follows. The chin structure gains a more beautiful appearance. This situation is very important not only in terms of smile but also in terms of facial aesthetics.

Another advantage is to have healthier teeth after the treatment. Because the first application in treatments is tooth repair. At the same time, they have one color teeth. The most important thing is to have a great smile. After the treatment, the pain in the teeth disappears.

It is a great advantage that the recovery period is short after the treatment period. The designed smiles have a very long lifespan. It is known that it can be used for up to 30 years if it is well cared for and controlled for a while after the treatment. In addition, wrinkles in the chin and mouth area are eliminated.

design application eventually got rid of gum diseases completely. Therefore, we can easily say that having a smile design brings with it important gains. It is possible to easily state that there are extremely privileged opportunities for those who want to invest in smile design in Turkey .


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