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Dental Bridges in Turkey

Merter Dental Clinic, which provides a high level of service on dental bridges in Turkey, has signed an effective service. Dental health is affected by many conditions. Dental bridge treatment is ideal for congenital tooth deficiency or subsequent tooth loss.

Dental bridges in Turkey are made by specialist doctors and result in 100% success. However, it is a treatment method with advantageous prices. Bridge treatment is provided by using different materials and different methods. Many privileges are provided for people coming to Turkey from abroad thanks to health tourism.

Dental bridges are made to fill the gaps due to tooth deficiency. Aesthetic tooth deficiencies also affect people's self-esteem. In terms of health, the mouth, which is the starting place of digestion, is affected. For this reason, the gaps in the treatment of missing teeth are filled with a new prosthetic tooth.

Hyperlinks can be created with many methods and materials. This may depend on the preference of both the doctor and the individuals. Some of the dental bridges are temporary, some are long-lasting. Merter Dental Clinic provides you with an ambitious service for the smooth application of dental bridges.

Dental Bridge Treatment Turkey

Turkey is a country with advanced technology in terms of dental health treatment. Many people from abroad come to the country to complete their treatment by contacting specialist doctors. Thanks to health tourism, all needs such as travel and accommodation are met. Especially bridge treatments result in success thanks to specialist doctors. Dental bridge treatment is done in the most ideal way thanks to The Doctors of Turkey. Both advantageous prices and ideal treatment methods are provided.

What is Dental Bridge?

People may experience tooth loss due to different reasons. Tooth loss may develop later, and in some people, teeth are innately missing. The treatment process of these deficiencies can go in parallel with orthodontic treatments. The dental bridge is made by placing it as a bridge to the teeth to the right and left of the teeth in order to close the missing teeth. It is also named after the bridge. In terms of oral health, dental bridge is an ideal treatment method. Teeth that find the cavity in the mouth may shift to the right or left-over time. This causes jaw problems.

Why Is Dental Bridge Made?

Dental bridge is made to eliminate tooth losses or tooth deficiencies. Other reasons are as follows;

● It is made to ensure the integrity of the mouth and to eat comfortably.
● It is made to have an aesthetic smile.
● Thanks to the dental bridge, the structure and position of the other teeth are also maintained.
● It is made to prevent the slipping of other teeth and to maintain the jaw structure. .

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dental Bridge?

Different treatment methods can be used to fill the tooth deficiency. Implants and hyperlinks are some of these methods. A suitable candidate for dental bridge has a mouth structure that is not suitable for the implant. Bridges are made according to the oral structure with different methods. After a doctor's checkup, it is determined whether the person is a suitable candidate.

How to Make a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridge used in the treatment of missing teeth is among the most preferred methods. The dental bridge is made in accordance with the following stages.

● The dentist performs a general examination of the patient.
● Dental X-rays are taken.
● By performing jaw control, missing teeth and places are detected.
● Solid teeth next to missing teeth are filed.
● The filing process is carried out in accordance with the bridge thread for the fixing task.
● By taking the jaw size and tooth size, the most suitable prosthesis is made.
● Teeth are made in accordance with the structure and color of solid teeth.
● The dentist puts the prosthesis in place and makes sure it does not disturb the patient.
● After the necessary checks, the bridge is installed.

In what situations is the Dental Bridge made?

Dental bridge is preferred in oral and dental health in the following cases;

● People with missing teeth can be treated with bridge types.
● People who are not suitable for implant treatment can have dental bridges.
● Bridge tooth is preferred in filling the missing tooth between two healthy teeth.
● Bridge teeth are made for those who want to have an aesthetic smile.

What are the differences between dental implant and dental bridge?

The differences between the dental implant and the dental bridge vary according to the application and use.

● Dental Implant treatment is performed on the jawbone, while dental bridge treatment is performed on the surface of the tooth.
● While the implant is a more modern method, dental bridge is a traditional method.
● While the implant has longer-lasting durability, the bridge tooth is used for a certain period of time.
● The dental implant becomes like the person's own tooth, while the dental bridge change over time.

Types of Dental Bridges

Four methods are usually applied in bridge treatment. The types of dental bridges are determined after the control of the physician. After examining the oral and dental structure, the physician determines the treatment by choosing the most appropriate method.

The traditional bridge, which is one of the types of bridge teeth, is formed by filing the teeth on the right and left of the missing teeth. The teeth that are reduced with a rasp are used as bridge pillars. A dental prosthesis is placed on the fixed teeth. In this way, a natural image is obtained.

Maryland bridge, one of the bridge types, is formed by obtaining a winged tooth. In this method, the treatment is completed by gluing the missing tooth to the neighboring teeth. In order to do this, an artificial tooth is obtained. The color and structure of the tooth is suitable for other teeth. It provides an aesthetic appearance. Healthy teeth are made without cutting. Since it is obtained by bonding method, it is more durable than other methods.

It is the most preferred method in the mouth structure where a single tooth is missing. It is usually ideal for the canine or the teeth adjacent to the canine teeth. A cantilever bridge has one tooth attached to the dental crown. It is attached to the dental implant and the fulcrum is gained.

If a person has more than one missing tooth or tooth loss, the best type of bridge is an implant. In this method, healthy teeth are not cut. It is ideal for patients with suitable bone structure in the jaw. In the implant type, the missing teeth are filled with the bridge screwed to the jawbone. It is one of the best methods for an aesthetic appearance.

Tooth Bridge Life
The lifetime of dental treatments depends on the use and care of people. Durability varies according to bridge types. In general, the life of the dental bridge is 15 years. However, this period is shortened for people who do not pay attention to hygiene and care.

Dental Bridge Material
When making the dental bridge, it is obtained from porcelain material in order to give the tooth the most natural appearance. However, the dental bridge material may be ceramic, silver or porcelain-fused metals.

Dental Bridge Prices in Turkey

In dental treatments, prices vary according to the method and shape of the treatment. Dental bridge prices are advantageous in Turkey. In bridge treatments, prices vary according to material, number of teeth and bridge type. Merter Dental Clinic offers a privileged service regarding dental bridge prices.

Dental Bridge Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • How Long Does Dental Bridge Treatment Take?e?
    • Depending on the missing one or more teeth, the duration of dental bridge treatment also varies. Bridge; The construction of the prosthesis, together with the examination and rehearsals, is completed in 1 to 3 weeks. During this period, the patient does not remain toothless. temporary teeth will be fixed.

      Since dental bridges are implemented in Turkey without any problems, we can say that such services are at international quality standards in our country.

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