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Dental Crowns in Turkey

As a dental treatment method, dental crowns are successfully performed in Turkey. For perfect dental crown teeth made in accordance with world standards, many people come from abroad and want to have their teeth done.

Among the reasons why Turkey is preferred to perform these procedures that our specialist dentists have successfully performed, it can be done successfully and at more reasonable prices than in many countries.

It is essential that it is also done with some medical procedures other than smile design and healthy mouth appearance. These reasons will be examined in our article. Being a country known for its successful dental crown s shows why turkey's treatments are also preferred.

What are Dental crowns?

Broken, distorted appearance, discolored, stained and heat sensitive, aching teeth are both aesthetically problematic and a major health problem for many people. The structure created by shaping the problematic teeth and covering them is called dental crowns..

In this way, healthy functions are gained to the tooth. On the one hand, a beautiful aesthetic appearance is obtained. At the same time, the protection of the tooth is ensured. If there is, tooth sensitivity is no longer a problem.

Healthy appearance is ensured with the dental crown s made. Healthy and beautiful looking teeth are given to many people who are afraid to smile.

Dental crown Laboratory Center

Not only our dentists, but also our dental crown laboratory center meet modern standards. Our trained staff and technicians perform superiorly with their work taking into account the finest details. Thus, they reveal dental crown s that will ensure customer satisfaction.

With its healthy and fully equipped laboratory and working team that will carry out world-class studies, dental crown s that cannot be separated from your real teeth are made. You are offered the possibility of smiling with your new teeth that are flawless and long lasting.

CAD CAM Technology

CAD CAM technology is used in the construction of dental crowns. This technique is the most advanced dental treatment method today. Instead of the measurement to be taken before tooth construction, computer-aided measurement is taken to ensure that the most suitable tooth is made.

First, an image is taken with a tiny camera in the mouth. This oral photography technique also perfectly shows the general condition of the teeth and allows the dentist to obtain information. Afterwards, it is provided by carving the tooth into porcelain blocks again computer-aided.

After the production of the dental crown, coloring is provided. Thus, new teeth are prepared that are compatible with the teeth next to them. An application can be made that is indistinguishable from the real one. Natural appearance is obtained.

Thanks to CAD CAM technology, 3D designs will be obtained, so the most harmonious and aesthetic tooth design can be done successfully. Thus, the aesthetic request of the patient can be fully met. At the same time, possible compliance disorders are prevented from the beginning of the process.

Although normal dental crown treatment is a process consisting of measurement and rehearsals, thanks to this technology, it is very easy and the time is very shortened. The margin of error is reduced to zero wherever it is. This is one of the most desired things of the dentist and the patient.

It is carried out to reveal the tooth with an almost impossible precision to provide by traditional methods. Moreover, this is achieved without long-lasting measurement or dental rehearsal appointments that tire the patient. The time spent on dentist appointments is minimally shortened.

Types of Dental Crowns

Today, other types of dental crowns are preferred instead of dental crown s made of whole metal and do not have a pleasant appearance. Thus, more aesthetically, dental crown s that respond to the patient are made. The types of dental crown s used to protect teeth with quite large fillings, or weak teeth, to correct bad oral aesthetics, to correct intermittent teeth, to correct color changes are as follows.

Porcelain dental crowns Reinforced with Six Metals: In this way, the porcelain dental crown s supported by metal are very durable. The application on the implant also gives good results. It is resistant to chewing pressure. That's why it's preferable. Especially in the back teeth, chewing pressure is considered to increase and it is selected as the most preferred type of dental crown and used for a long time.

Zirconium Supported dental crowns: Zirconium, a white mine, strengthens its durability by supporting the tooth. Thanks to its color, it allows the tooth to reflect light well and look natural. The formation of metallic taste in the mouth does not occur with zirconium. It should be preferred even in allergic people, as it does not cause a reaction. It's a healthy substance. The structure of plaque formation is not suitable.

Empress Crowns: They are produced from porcelain without metal support. Its durability is increased by applying glass ceramics on porcelain. Aesthetically, its application in the front teeth gives good results. It is not preferred to use it in the back teeth, where chewing pressure increases, because the possibility of breakage occurs under heavy pressure.

Porcelain Laminate: It is a thin coating variety made of porcelain material. The front surface of the teeth is covered with thin coatings such as leaves. Thus, an aesthetic appearance is obtained. It is considered an ideal solution when there are no major losses in the teeth. Closing the gaps is an excellent solution for the appearance of teeth in the desired color and form. The thickness of porcelain, such as thin leaves applied to the tooth, varies from 0.3 to 0.5 mm. It is very preferred by patients as it does not need to be cut in such a way that the tooth is lost greatly.

The dentist should refer the patient to which of these dental crown s to be applied. Thus, dental crowns are created that will last a long time and the patient will be comfortable.

Temporary Dental Crowns

Before the real dental crown is made, the teeth are cleaned, if caries treatment is required. Then the tooth is cut, or in other saying, it is reduced. It is very natural for the shrinking tooth to become sensitive and to be affected by heat. However, in order not to adversely affect the quality of life of this patient, the tooth that is reduced with temporary dental crown is closed.

In this way, the process of making the real crown is more comfortable for the patient. The patient eats or drinks easily. He doesn't have to whine or dazzle. Thus, the tooth is best preserved until the real dental crown is made.

It will not be like your real tooth, as it will be used temporarily. It should be known that a more perfect appearance will be obtained after the real dental crown. This temporary part will be replaced with a perfect-looking dental crown.

Porcelain Or Ceramic dental crowns in Turkey

Today, with the globalization of technology and science, porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are produced in Turkey with techniques in other countries. Turkey has also come to the forefront with its education, dental health and practices, which have left many countries behind in the field of medicine.

Like those living in Turkey, patients are accepted from outside Turkey. They return to their countries as soon as possible after completing their treatment with the most modern applications. As in other subjects, porcelain and ceramic dental crown applications are carried out successfully.

Fully Resin Crowns in Turkey

Today, when necessary, completely resin crowns are successfully applied in Turkey. It is cheaper than other methods, but it is not as aesthetically successful. It lasts for a shorter time and may not be exactly aesthetic. But it is determined as a very accurate method to be applied to children. They are not as durable as porcelain and ceramic crowns. It is more susceptible to breakage and wear and tear.

In children with tooth fractures, the remaining part of the tooth must be preserved. Resin crowns may be preferred by your dentist to protect the remaining tooth without tooth loss. In this case, the tooth is treated and the rest of the tooth is protected by putting a resin crown on it. Thus, it enables children to perform functions such as speaking and eating more easily.

Metal Infused Porcelain dental crowns in Turkey

When veneering decayed or damaged teeth with porcelain, it is necessary to create a support with metal for the durability of the material. Metal-infused porcelain crowns made in this way can be widely applied in Turkey.

They are supported with materials such as nickel or gold in order to create strength against the chewing pressure. In this way, perfect smiles are designed with long-lasting crowns.

Turkey – Istanbul Dental crown Treatment Stages

In Turkey – if the Istanbul dental crown treatment stages are briefly listed, we can say:

• If there is caries in the tooth, it is filled. If necessary, root canal treatment is applied.
• If there is caries on the side teeth, the treatment is completed and the mouth is prepared.
• The tooth to be crowned is abraded and the place where it will fit into the crown is prepared.
• If the tooth is too weak, a post or core foundation is made.
• Measurement is taken. If the impression was taken with an optical camera, the crown can be prepared in a short time while you wait.
• If the CAD CAM method will not be used, the temporary crown is used to protect the tooth.
• If the trials are successful, the crown is adhered to its place. If there are unsuitable things, the crown is adhered after the corrections are made.

Dental crown Prices in Turkey

Treatment should be started with the determination of the dentist. Therefore, it is necessary to first examine the tooth and its condition, determine that filling or canal treatment is not required, and determine which type of tooth dental crown application is required.

Therefore, the prices of dental crown s in Turkey may vary depending on the situation. It is the creation of a dentist appointment as soon as possible. The price will be determined after the examination.

Dental crowns Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

Patients coming from home or abroad have requests to be informed about their common problems. It is worth taking a look at the frequently asked questions of dental crowns in Turkey.

  • Is Dental crown Quality in Turkey?
    • In Turkey, dental crowns are made in accordance with all world standards in terms of quality. Dentists and laboratory staff, in short, the whole team is proficiency in the subject. The highest quality and aesthetically smooth dental crowns are made.

  • How Long Does Dental crown Treatment Take in Turkey?
    • Dental crown treatment performed by CAD CAM method is very short. It is prepared and applied on the same day as the data received from the patient by computer. But if your tooth requires treatment, the time is extended. The duration of treatment and the information are determined in the dentist's appointment.

  • When Do I Eat After Dental Crown Treatment?
    • After the tooth dental crown, food can be eaten after an hour after the adhesive application.

  • How Long Does Dental crown Treatment Last?
    • If there is an abscess or problem in the tooth or gum, that problem is resolved first. Afterwards, the treatment method is determined in the interview and examination with the dentist, and the tooth is prepared for the procedure immediately. If the measurement and tooth design will be made with CAD CAM, it is possible to prepare and install the same day.

  • Does The Tooth Hurt When Wearing dental crowns?
    • There is absolutely no pain when wearing a dental crown. There is no need to worry about this.

      Dental crowns and all dental health services in Turkey are carried out in accordance with world dental health standards and concluded with success.

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