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Dental Filling in Turkey

Dental filling in Turkey is a professional application. Dental filling is one of the best methods for restoration of dental health. It is a treatment that offers the ideal solution for rotten teeth, cracked and broken teeth. Dental filling in Turkey is carried out by specialist physicians.

Although costs vary according to different materials, it is a treatment with advantageous prices in general. The method, which has been used since very ancient times, prevents the complete loss of the tooth. Dental fillings can be used in 10-year processes according to the type of filling and thanks to good care. .

Turkey offers a wide range of dental treatments. Although dentists are experts in the field, they apply permanent treatments with quality materials. Thanks to the privileges and advantages of health tourism, the best solutions are produced for patients from abroad. Many people who have problems with their teeth come to Turkey from all over the world and complete their treatments. This is because dental costs are much more affordable in our country than abroad.

What is Dental Filling?

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems in teeth. The process of removing the decaying tooth from residues and caries and filling it with a material is called dental filling . Dental filling can be done with different materials. What is important in treatment is the tooth structure of the person.

Dental filling with a material suitable for the tooth structure ensures that the filling is long-lasting. In cases where the tooth needs to be saved, canal treatment can be applied. After root canal treatment, the filling material fills the gaps in the teeth.

How to Make Dental Filling in Turkey?

The stages of dental filling in Turkey, which are applied with specialist dentists and result in 100% success, are as follows;

● Before starting the filling process, the patient is anesthetized with local anesthesia.
● After anesthesia, the rotten tooth is cleaned.
●The tooth, which is cleaned and free of caries, is filled with filler material.
●Medical devices are used to freeze the filler material as soon as possible.
●After the completion of the dental filling, the patient opens and closes his mouth.
●This is corrected if there is an excess or disturbance of the filling.

The stages of dental filling in Turkey are as follows. 100% successful filling process takes place with quality and personalized material. Merter Dental Clinic has the ability to implement dental fillings on a professional level.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dental Filling?

Dental filling is done in many cases. If you have caries in your teeth and the tooth needs restoration, you are a suitable candidate for dental filling. During root canal treatment, the teeth need to be refilled. In case of such a procedure, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for dental filling . At the same time, tooth filling is used as one of the most effective methods in the treatment of teeth broken as a result of impact.

In what cases is dental filling done?

Apart from the treatment of tooth decay, dental filling is performed in the following cases;

● After cleaning the caries, filling is made for the restoration of the tooth.
● In case of damage to the pulp during canal treatment, filling is made.
● Filling is performed in the treatment of tooth fractures caused by the blow.
● As a result of the fall of a pre-existing filling in the teeth, filling is performed for the regeneration process.

Types of Dental Fillings

With the development of technology and dental treatments, the types of dental fillings have also increased. There used to be only one or two types of fillings, but now there are filling types suitable for people's teeth and mouth structures. In this way, it is aimed to make the appropriate filling for everyone.


This type of filling is not among the preferred fillings today. Amalgam is also popularly referred to as silver filling. The filling, which is resistant to pressure and chewing, is usually used in the back teeth. The fact that it is gray in color and has a metallic appearance is seen as a disadvantage.


In order to provide a natural appearance, the type of filling used easily in every tooth is also the same color as the tooth. In addition to caries treatment, composite filling is also used in cases such as cracks or fractures. This type of filling, which has a low cost, is performed in a single session. However, it is seen as a disadvantage that it is not a very durable filling type. The application is made according to the type of tooth. It can wear out over time, depending on use. It has an average lifespan of 3 to 10 years.


Porcelain fillings are among the most preferred filling types by dentists and patients. Absence of color change and non-staining are among the most preferred reasons. Although it is a costly filling type, it is an advantageous filling type because it provides a long-lasting use. It is specially prepared in laboratories according to the mouth structure of the person. The method of application is made by sticking to the tooth.

Children's Dental Filling

The process of cleaning and refilled the cavities of the tooth, which has lost its structure due to the decay of the teeth, is called filling. Children also often experience tooth decay. However, thanks to professional dentists, healthy and live teeth are restored to children. Local anesthesia can be applied during child dental filling.

What should be considered in dental filling?

• You should not bite your lips and tongue or clenched your teeth to check whether the numbness is gone after the procedure.
• You should not use your teeth for hard foods in dental fillings.
• You should pay extra attention to dental care.
• You should not eat for 2 hours after the type of amalgam filling.

Dental Filling Prices in Turkey

The dental filling, which is among the dental treatments, does not have a certain price. The fees of the fillings made according to the mouth and tooth structure are also quite variable. Although the prices of dental fillings in Turkey are advantageous, they provide a long-lasting use. Decayed teeth, sometimes single, sometimes more than one, require several filling procedures. For this reason, filling prices are directly proportional to the number of fillings. Factors such as the experience of the dentist also affect the prices. However, a successful filling treatment does not require high costs.

Dental Filling Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • Is There Pain in Dental Filling Treatment?
    • It is natural to experience a slight pain after filling treatment to the tooth. This pain generally lasts 1 or 2 days. A mild pain is passed through with mild medications. In the treatment of dental filling, the cause of pain is not because the filling is done, but because the tooth is treated.

  • How Long Does Dental Filling Last?
    • Tooth filling treatment varies according to each patient. For this reason, the tooth filling time is not given clearly. Factors such as which tooth to fill and how many teeth to make determine the duration. The purpose for which the filling is made and from which material is also a decisive factor in the time. It is usually determined in periods after examination.

  • How Long Does a Tooth Filling Last?
    • Fillings made to the teeth can be used for many years. However, the life of the filler varies according to the type. The more importance is given to dental health and care, the longer the life of the tooth filling will be.

  • Which is the Healthiest Filling?
    • Dental fillings are developing day by day thanks to technological developments and specialist medicine. The types of fillings that vary according to the oral and dental structure also vary according to the patient. For this reason, you can find the healthiest type of filling for you with a specialist dentist examination.

      In Turkey, dental filling services are always applied in a comprehensive way.

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