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Dental Implants in Turkey-Istanbul

For dental implants in Turkey - Istanbul always bring with them high-level procedures for Istanbul. Dental treatments are implement much more successfully thanks to dental implants. It is known that qualified services for dental treatments have been offered in a much better quality in Turkey recently. However, it is known that dental implant applications are implemented in Turkey in a much more affordable way than in different countries.

The medical product capable of supporting crown, dental prosthesis or bridge applications is called an implant. Especially when orthodontic treatments come up, we can easily state that implant applications are always popular. Thanks to the implants, it is possible to carry out the dental treatment process in a much more comfortable way. Again, thanks to implant applications, dental applications are implemented in a much more permanent way. Merter Dental Clinic has the ability to bring professional solutions to you when dental implants come up in Turkey.

When the implementation of dental implant applications comes up, it is essential to pay attention to whether the balance of price and quality is observed. However, in this way, it will be possible to have teething exactly in accordance with your request. Merter Dental Clinic always has a meticulous work to do on price and quality balance. Thus, it has the ability to bring you a service that is exactly the quality standards you are looking for.

What is dental Implant?

What is the dental implant that has been in high demand recently? Literally, the dental implant means inanimate substances that can be placed in living tissue. Dental Implant applications are always in an ambitious position as the most logical option when tooth loss is raised.

Dental Implants are special products in the form of roots or screws designed based on titanium. Dental Implants, which are a high-tech product; it is often preferred in dental treatment. This is also due to the successful application of dental implant applications.

How to Make a Dental Implant?

How to make dental implant, which is often preferred in dental treatments? It is generally known that dental implants can be applied in 4 different ways. These are the ones that are going to

- Seamless method
- Single-stage method
- Two-step method
- Stitched method

It is sorted in the form. In the toothless method, tooth extraction is performed first; then the implant is placed in the cavity left by the tooth. Seamless method is defined as the most comfortable and practical method for both the patient and the dentist. Because there is no need for any surgical intervention in this method.

The single-stage method is an ideal method for patient comfort. Laser technology is used in the closed method. There is no need to open any fillets in this method. In other words, there is no need to cut any tissue of the patient. The implant is placed in the laser-generated cavity. The single-stage application is completed in a very short time.

The use of mini implants in the two-stage method is on the agenda. In the stitched method, implants are applied directly on the the mucosa. Stitched method also comes across as standard surgical method. In this method, the jawbone is properly hollowed out for implantation through surgical procedure. Afterwards, the implant is placed in the hollow and stitches are made. At the end of the next week, the sutures are removed.

Advantages of Dental Implants

When dental implants come up in Turkey, we can talk about many different gains. In this context, we can easily state that dental implants bring important advantages. When the advantages of dental implants come up, we can mention the following gains;

- Offers ease of eating
- Ideal for patient comfort
- It is an application compatible with dental structure
- Positively supports oral health
- Has long-lasting use
- Supports the formation of self-confidence in the patient
- Perfect at the point of aesthetic appearance
- Demonstrates successful results in the point of fluent talk
- Shows successful results at the point of speaking fluently

When you have standard denture applications, you may have different problems with chewing. Thanks to the implant application, you will not have any problems with eating. This will positively affect your quality of life. Dental implants are very successful in aesthetic appearance as they look like your own teeth. It is very comfortable to use as it supports the formation of a natural tooth sensation.

When you have dental implants, you can smile in peace of mind. This will naturally make it possible for your self-esteem to be restored. Implant application is known to have a supportive effect on oral health. Because the implants produce a high level of performance in the formation of hygiene conditions in the oral area.

Dental implants have a long-lasting use feature. Therefore, it makes it possible for dental treatments to occur permanently. Prosthetic teeth can sometimes have a boiling state in the mouth. This negatively affects the fluency of the speech or the correct pronunciation. Since dental implants do not reveal a problem such as slippage in the tooth, we can easily state that they provide fluency in speech.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Are there disadvantages to dental implants that often appear in today's conditions? We can state that dental implants have some disadvantages. At this point, it is possible to list the disadvantages of dental implant as follows:

- Some combinations may occur if applied incorrectly
- Implant application is more expensive than standard prostheses
- Pain and swelling may occur for a while after dental implantation
- Bone tissue is lost when implanting

Am I a Suitable Candidate for dental Implant?

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implant that can come up with professional solutions for the elimination of tooth loss? If you have tooth deficiency problems, in general, the implant is the most logical option for you. When evaluating whether you are suitable for dental implants, you should take into account the following points;

- If you're over 18
- If your jaw and face development is complete
- If your jaw structure is suitable for implantation
- If you are not taking any blood thinning medication
- If you're not experiencing a condition like bone loss
- If you have diabetes problems but your sugar is under control

You can get implant treatment. Paying attention to the preference of the dental clinic here will prevent you from having any problems. Merter Dental Clinic brings you a service of the quality you are looking for.

Implant Treatment Processes

When the implant treatment processes applied at the professional level come up, two different stages come up first. These are the ones that are going to

- Placement of implants
- Osseointegration of implants into the jawbone

As listed, the dental implant treatment is completed in an average of 10 to 150 minutes for each tooth. Implants are first placed directly in the jawbone. In the next period, implants are expected to osseointegration. into the jawbone within a period of approximately 3 to 6 months. Thus, implant treatment processes are successfully completed.

Implant in One Day

The development of dental implant technology and the development of techniques and methods for dental applications make it easier to implement dental implant application in one day. Merter Dental Clinic brings you professional solutions for the implementation of dental implant application in one day. Thus, it is possible to have dental implant treatment on the same day. Here, the condition of the tooth is the main determining factor.

What is the Success Rate in Implant?

What is the success rate of the dental implant applied as of today? In parallel with the development of implant technology, we can easily say that the successful rate of such applications is 98 - 99 percent on average. At this point, whether the patient pays attention to the hygiene conditions, whether he smokes or not or the presence of discomfort appears as the most basic determining factor.

How Long Is the Life of the dental Implant?

How long is the life of the dental implant, which is an extremely durable application? As of today, we can easily say that the dental implants applied have an average life of up to 30 years. However, it is possible to state that the implant application can be used for life most of the time..

All On 4/6 dental Implant Technique

What is the all on 4/6 implant technique that provides practical solutions in dental treatment? The technique, which is based on the placement of 4 or 6 implant applications as a result of detailed imaging of both the lower and upper jaw bones, is called the all on 4/6 implant technique. Thanks to this technique, even patients with no teeth can have a healthy tooth structure in a short time.

Jaw Bone Powder (Bone Graft)

If there is a bone deficiency in the jaw, jawbone powder is used. This method, also called bone graft, offers professional solutions for the treatment of tooth loss. Merter Dental Clinic successfully applies such methods.

Implant Prices in Turkey

Implant applications, which perform at a high level in the elimination of tooth losses, are implemented in a very affordable way in our country. When it comes to dental implant prices in Turkey, very affordable budgets come up. Moreover, dental implant applications are implemented in Turkey at international quality standards. Merter Dental Clinic undertakes an effective study in the high level of presentation and low-cost implementation of such procedures.

Dental Implant Brands in Turkey

Turkey is always involved in a professional study on dental implants. Therefore, when it comes to dental implant brands in Turkey, international brands appear. Especially in Turkey; Implants belonging to the brands Implant, Swiss, Bego, Medentica and Straumann are successfully applied.

Why Should I Choose Dental Implant in Turkey?

If you want to have a high-level implant application in Turkey, MERTER DENT is the address of a qualified dental implant. In this way, it will be possible to have a high level of implant application within the appropriate price range. Moreover, our clinic implements such practices above international quality standards.

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • Is Dental Implantation Painful?
    • Local or general anesthesia is applied according to the patient's condition during implant application. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain during implant application.

  • How Long Do I Need to Stay for My dental Implant Procedure in Turkey?
    • If you plan to have a dental implant in Turkey, you should be in Turkey for different periods of time according to the characteristics of the implant you will have. Here we can talk about the 10-15minute time for each implant in the first stage. However, the duration of the region after tooth extraction after complications lasts 2-3 months, which will require you to come to Turkey after the first procedure. Thus, it will be possible to have an implant without spending too long in Turkey.

  • How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take?
    • As of today, the duration of treatment in dental implant treatments is directly related to the scope of the application. Merter Dental Clinic completes dental implant treatment as soon as possible.

  • Is It Cheap for Implants in Turkey?
    • When it comes to implant prices in Turkey , we can talk about a very budget-friendly price range. Therefore, we can easily state that the prices of implant applications in Turkey are much cheaper than in the rest of the world.

  • Is there a guarantee of implantation in Turkey?
    • Implant applications are implemented in Turkey in international quality standards. Therefore, it is also possible to state that dental implant applications are implemented at a professional level in Turkey.

  • Which Brand Should I Choose for dental implant?
    • If you are going to have a dental implant, the issue of which brand you prefer is related to the scope of the implant application you will have. Therefore, it makes sense to get support from specialists before deciding on the implant brand.

  • Is there an age limit to do the dental implant?
    • If you want to have a dental implant, you must be over 18 years of age.

  • Can I Eat Hard Objects with Implants?
    • Of course, after a professional implant application, you can use your teeth like your natural tooth. Here you should protect your own teeth from hard strings as well as dental implants.
      When it comes to dental opportunities in Turkey, our clinic will come across as the most logical option.

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