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Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns can be made in accordance with international quality standards. Teeth are very important in terms of aesthetics as well as the start of a healthy digestion. Dental health is affected in different ways if adequate care is not provided. Among these effects; Conditions such as bruises, cracks, fractures and yellowing can be observed.

In Turkey, Dental Crowns are made by specialist doctors with quality materials. The fact that there are many types of Crowns ensures that the appropriate process is carried out for everyone. Treatment can be performed according to the structure of the tooth and the desired material.

Dental veneers made in Turkey are 100% successful. Thanks to quality materials and specialist doctors, the teeth will regain their health and aesthetically ideal appearance. An ideal service is provided in Turkey for those who want to have their teeth covered and those who live abroad.

Moreover, the services to be received in the field of dental health are at advantageous prices. Within this service, many needs such as travel and accommodation are met. All these services are offered as special packages as needed. Merter Dental Clinic implements tooth extractions with a high level of quality.

What is Dental Crown?

Teeth may be damaged due to different causes. Due to these reasons, a negative aesthetic appearance occurs in people. At the same time, dental health is negatively affected. Thanks to Dental Crown treatment, adverse conditions occurring in the teeth are restored. This restoration occurs in areas where dental filling cannot be treated.

Fractures and cracks due to traumas to the teeth are best healed by Crowns. No action in the daily lives of individuals is affected. It is also a long-lasting and healthy dental treatment method. Merter Dental Clinic has the ability to apply Dental Crowns in accordance with the demand.

Types of Dental Crowns

Treatment methods in oral and dental health have improved over time. These developments are reflected in the dental Crown types. Having many types of dental Crowns eliminates many dental problems. Aesthetically bad image is removed thanks to the types of dental Crowns. All dental problems such as disjoint, crack, fracture, yellowing is destroyed thanks to an improved treatment. Dental Crowns are usually suitable for everyone.

After the conditions where orthodontic treatment is required, dental Crowns are made quickly and people get dental health. Dental Crowns are ideal for a natural and healthy smile. Merter Dental Clinic successfully implements many different types of dental Crowns.

Zirconium dental crown

Zirconium dental crown is the most preferred substance in Crowns among dental treatments. Zirconium dental crown is a very hard substance and the desired structure and image are obtained in the teeth. It is a type of dental Crown that will be preferred by those who want to correct dental health in aesthetic terms. It is also among the most preferred materials of doctors. This is due to the fact that it is both long-lasting and provides a natural appearance.

Porcelain dental crown

There are many treatment methods for people who have problems with oral and dental health. Turkey is a very successful country in the treatment of oral and dental health. These treatment methods include Dental Crowns. Porcelain dental Crown is one of the materials that provides the best aesthetic smile. In addition to providing a completely natural appearance, it does not affect the actions in the mouth. It is an ideal method for white and sequential teeth.

Laminate veneers

Teeth may be damaged due to trauma. These damages include fractures and cracks. These negative situations affect people's appearance. Laminate veneers method is best for providing an aesthetic smile and residing dental health. At the same time, laminate method is applied in people where whitening treatments fail. Laminate is a method in which teeth are filed. This ensures the acquisition of completely natural teeth.

Materials Used in Dental Crown

Many materials are used in dental treatments in Turkey. These materials vary depending on the dental structures of the individuals and the reasons for their treatment. However, every material is an ideal management to achieve an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth. In addition to being of high quality, the materials used in the Dental Crown are in a way that fits every tooth structure. This ensures that the ideal treatment for everyone takes place. It is also ideal for long-lasting and natural teeth. Zirconium, porcelain, metal alloy porcelain are some laminate veneers materials. Dental Crowns are made by specialist doctors and result in 100% success.

Dental Crown Stages

Dental Crowns consist of certain stages.

● First of all, the treatment method is selected.
● Teeth are measured.
● Dental cleaning is done.
● By passing molds to the tooth, the shape of the tooth is determined.
● Cleaning is carried out to fit the tooth molds.
● The shape-taking Crown is placed by passing it to the tooth.
● New teeth are glued with adhesives specially produced for the tooth.

All these dental Crown stages can take several sessions according to the oral structure. At the end of treatment, the teeth have an aesthetic appearance. .

Things to Look Out for After Dental Crown

Dental Crowns require painstaking and routine care. The following are the things to look out for after dental crown.

● Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day.
● Floss and special mouthwash waters should be added to the brushing routine.
● Dental check-ups should not be disrupted.
● Flossing should be regular.
● Hard food should be avoided.
● Tooth removal should not be performed.

Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

Dental health covers a wide range of services. With the developing technology, treatments ensure that ideal methods for oral health are found. Many treatment methods have emerged, especially for Dental Crowns. Dental Crown prices in Turkey has advantageous prices. Prices vary for the oral structure and treatment method of the patients. At the same time, prices may vary according to the expertise of doctors. Merter Dental Clinic is the most logical option when it comes to the prices of Dental Crowns in Turkey.

Dental Crown Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • Does dental crown Cause Pain?
    • It is quite normal to have short-term pain behind dental treatments. After Crown treatment, tooth covering may cause pain. In some cases, no pain is encountered. In case of severe occurrence, the medicines given by the doctor are used.

  • Is Food Eaten After Crown?
    • Eating habits do not change after dental treatments. According to the treatment applied, there may be points to be considered. Whether food is eaten after dental Crown may vary depending on the treatment method. In some adhesives, it is much healthier to eat after 1 hour.

  • How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Dental Crown?
    • Dental treatments are evaluated in a wide range. There is a certain adjustment time for each treatment. It can take 5 to 10 days to get used to dental crown. This is because patients are not accustomed to the different material in their mouths.

  • Does dental crown Make Bad Breath?
    • The aim of dental treatments is to get healthy teeth. In a mouth free of caries, the smell does not form. Dental Crown treatment is a treatment method aimed at achieving completely healthy teeth. Dental Crown does not cause bad breath if the necessary care is carried out regularly.

  • How to Care for Dental Crown?
    • It is also a question of what kind of care should be done after dental treatments. Post-dental crown care, which is among the dental treatments, is important. If the Dental Crown is maintained regularly, it ensures that the dental Crowns last much longer. Tooth brushing should not be neglected. Floss and shaking water should be used. A toothbrush should be preferred according to the tooth structure. A doctor's check-up should be done twice a year.

      Dental Crowns can be applied above international quality standards in Turkey.

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