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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which implant brand?
    • Although well-known brands such as Nobel and Straumann are always at the forefront, there are many implant brands; surpassed them with its technical features.

  • Who should make the implant?
    • You should prefer doctors who have experience with your implants and have treated many cases.

  • Why Zirconia crown?
    • Being more aesthetic, being more compatible with the gingiva, and not giving a feeling of thickness in the mouth are the main reasons why zirconia crowns are preferred.

  • What are the factors that determine the price of treatment?
    • The quality of the materials to be used, working in experienced laboratories, the time and dedication of the doctor for a better job are the factors that will determine the price of the treatment.

  • What determines the course of treatment?
    • It is the experience of the doctor, the efficiency of the laboratory, the technical equipment and the ease of transportation.

  • How should the color selection be in aesthetics?
    • The most important point here is that if there are natural teeth in the mouth, crowns that are exactly similar to it, if the whole mouth is to be covered, natural and close to nature or optionally high-level colors and forms that the patient prefers can be used here.

  • What should foreign patients pay attention to when coming?
    • In the future, the place where they will stay or the hotel should be very close to the center where they will be treated, the institution where they will receive service; They should help with transportation, accommodation, activities they can do in their spare time, there should be physicians and translators who understand what the patient wants to express, and patients should be able to receive this service at any time of the day because they will be treated in a short time.

  • Hollywood Smile
    • Although white and visually prominent teeth come to mind, this format may not always be suitable for every patient. Therefore, it would be healthier for them to decide on the appropriate aesthetics by consulting with their dentists in advance.

  • Why Turkey?
    • Dentists in Turkey enter the sector by receiving advanced training. They have technological products and are knowledgeable and skilled in application. Intense patient potential is the primary reason for gaining experience. The exchange rate difference in Turkey ensures that the treatment of foreign patients here is much more affordable. Its historical, natural beauties and socio-cultural level allow patients to have a good time here.

  • Why us?
    • Being the center of our location, having expert and experienced staff. The fact that we have been serving in the same place for more than 25 years, our high patient satisfaction, the fact that we have all kinds of technological equipment, that we have our own laboratory, our friendly and sincere staff are the factors that make us different.

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