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Dental Guard in Turkey

The application of Dental Guard in Turkey is becoming more and more common day by day. In general, both gums and mouth parts are protected in various situations with the application of Dental Guards. Dental Guard procedures are presented in a practical and professional manner by Merter Dental Clinic in Turkey today. In particular, the fact that they offer their services both at home and abroad makes them more and more professional.

Today, merter Dental Clinic services in general offer both oral and dental health and aesthetics as well as other types of side services. As a variety of subsidiaries, the company provides accommodation or transportation services. Thus, quality Dental Guard application procedures are always provided with Merter Dental Clinic.

In recent years, Dental Guard application has been at the forefront of oral and dental health. The application of Dental Guards offered professionally, especially during sports; the tooth-mouth part is strongly protected.

Sports began to take place more often in everyday life. In some cases, we have to use the mouth and teeth effectively when exercising. In the meantime, Dental Guard applications are preferred in Turkey to protect teeth and mouth structure to a high degree. The use of Dental Guards should always be provided professionally. For this, it is necessary to make the right dental Guard preferences.

What is dental guard?

The name of the protection devices located inside the mouth part provided by special productions; It's a gum shield. The types of Dental Guards in different characteristics and colors are generally used by athletes. The main reason for this situation is; during sports, a blow to the mouth can be inflicted by the opposing athlete at any time. In these impact situations, the mouth parts are protected more strongly with the gum shield.

Why Use a dental guard?

Common reasons for the use of Dental Guards include;

- Protection of mouth and teeth in accidents in case of sudden falls
- Protected mouth area in case of collision
- Aim to prevent tooth breakage against blows to any mouth area

Dental Guard Material

In general, the highest quality types of Dental Guards today as Dental Guard material should be made eva. Eva is an ideal substance for gum shielding with both durable structure and flexibility of the material. Today, many Dental Guards are produced with eva substance. .

Dental Guard Benefits

The use of Dental Guards has become widespread all over the world. Especially for the professional sports world, the use of Dental Guards is quite intense. In general, the list of benefits of Dental Guard
- The oral area of the professional athlete is resistant to all kinds of blows.
- The risks of cracking or breaking teeth during sports are minimized.
- The athlete feels stronger on the field with his gum shield.
- In recent years, Dental Guard types have also affected the success of the treatment process in the treatment of teeth grinding.

Dental Guard Damages

Today, in general, Dental Guard has as many harms as benefits. The Dental Guard damages selected by the wrong preferences are as follows;

- Functional use of the mouth area is restricted.
- If used for a long time, the tooth and mouth area becomes lazy.
- There are problems with the general use of teeth.
- Chewing or speech disorders may occur.
- The use of worn Dental Guards can always disrupt the tooth and mouth structure.

How to Clean dental guard?

Hygiene is always valuable. In particular, more attention should be paid to the hygiene of devices located in the oral parts such as Dental Guards. In general, types of Dental Guards are cleaned both before and after use with toothbrushes. Cleaning of the Dental Guard is ensured by rinsing processes. The most important detail in cleaning Dental Guards is; to ensure the cleaning process without a corrating.

Dental Guard Prices in Turkey

Today, there are varieties of Dental Guards with different structural characteristics. The fees of Dental Guard varieties always affect the materials used in their production. Dental Guard prices in Turkey vary due to different material types. It is possible to find Dental Guards in Turkey in accordance with different budget types.

Dental Guard Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

Today, the use of Dental Guards in general has increased compared to previous years. Due to this situation, various questions are being asked with the Dental Guard in general. Dental Guard frequently asked questions lists in Turkey include the question of what are the production items. Professional Dental Guard varieties are made of quality materials. Another question that is often at the forefront is; price lists of types of Dental Guards. Dental Guard types are preferred with price and quality comparisons.

  • Does Pain Occur in Dental Guard Treatment?
    • Usually Dental Guard treatment is used for night teeth grinding problems. During the treatment process, the patient is under the control of the physician. In this process, the Dental Guard does not exhibit conditions such as pain.

  • How Many Days Is Dental Guard Treatment?
    • Dental Guard treatment processes vary according to the general condition of the patients. In this process, it is important how intermittently the patient exhibits teeth grinding. If the patient exhibits the teeth grinding processes continuously, the treatment process takes longer. However, in general, the Dental Guard treatment process takes a session or two.

  • How to Care for dental guard?
    • In order for the use of Dental Guards to be correct, it is necessary to change the types of Dental Guards regularly. Dental Guard care should often be sterilized during the process of use.

  • Who Is Dental Guard Suitable for?
    • It is always curious who the use of Dental Guards is suitable for. In general, Dental Guard use is suitable for people who have problems grinding teeth at night for health. In terms of protection, it is especially suitable for athletes who are at high risk of instantaneous blowing of the mouth part.

      Dental Guard applications are implemented at a professional level in Turkey.

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