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Gum Treatments in Turkey

When it comes to gum treatments in Turkey, we come across a highly professional field of study. Today, many people complain about their teeth or gums. Due to both genetic factors and physical factors, there may be problems in the gums over time. Gum treatments in Turkey are highly developed in proportion to the developing technology. There are even highly specialized physicians and clinics in these areas.

As such, many people from abroad come to Turkey and choose to receive treatment. In addition, in the treatments in Turkey, patients are carefully controlled after treatment and their condition is monitored. Merter Dental Clinic brings you professional solutions for gum diseases.

What are Gum Diseases?

Today, many disorders are encountered as gum diseases. In general, gum diseases are as follows.

• Gum withdrawal disease.
• Gingivitis.
• Gum sensitivity disorder.
• Gum abscess
• Gum discoloration.

The most common gingival problem is gingival recession. On the other hand, gingival discoloration is among the least common gingival diseases. Merter Dental Clinic is the most logical option that comes to mind when gum treatments come to the fore in Turkey.

Gum Recession

The most common and more dangerous disease than other gum diseases is gum recession. Gum recession is generally the process of pulling towards the bone part of the meat structure, which is combined with the teeth, over time. This disease is often preventable.

However, if no precautions are taken, it can progress to the bone part over time and even cause tooth loss. In addition, this process will be quite painful and painful. It is a very common disease in individuals, where the correct oral and dental care is not done correctly. On the other hand, oral and dental health is also very important in the treatment process. Treatment for individuals with low care can take quite a long time.

Gum Inflammation

The most dangerous among gum diseases is gum inflammation disease. This disease is a disease that is generally caused by the formation of bacteria in the mouth. In cases where it is not treated, it can cause tooth loss. Therefore, it is a disease that must be treated. In addition, inflammations in the gums can slow your eating over time.

There is also a danger that inflammation can cause throat infections and other diseases. In cases of inflammation in the gums, you should contact the physician immediately without touching the inflammation. On the other hand, some gum inflammations occur in the internal structure of the gums. In such cases, attention should be paid. Merter Dental Clinic brings you a meticulous study on the treatment of gum extraction.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Because it is a common disease, many people are investigating the causes of tooth extraction. The causes of this disease are actually not many. In general, the causes of gum recession are as follows

• No daily oral and dental care (Tooth brushing is required at least 2 times a day.)
• Consumption of extremely starchy and sugary foods.
• Failure to clean the dental stones.
• Wrong flossing.
• Brushing teeth in a way that damages the gums.
• Too much smoking.
• Excessive alcohol consumption.
• Extreme stress.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

In general, the symptoms of gum diseases show the same symptoms as each other. In general, the symptoms of gum disease are as follows.

• Discoloration in the gums. (Most common purple or red color)
• Swelling and swelling of the gums.
• Increased bad breath.
• Don't hurt when you eat.
• The formation of gaps between the teeth.
• Bleeding from the gums when brushing.
• Tooth loss.
• Softened gums.

If you are facing one or more of the above symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor. Merter Dental Clinic carries out gum treatments in a qualified manner.

How is Gum Treatment Done?

The most important issue in the treatment of gum diseases is early diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, the earlier it is diagnosed, the earlier the disease is treated by intervention. Therefore, it is very important that you carry out your dental checks without interruption. In general, gum treatment is done as follows.

• First, periodontal treatment method is applied. In other words, tooth and root surface cleaning is carried out.
• Then gum plaques are removed, which cause the formation of bacteria.
• Dental calculus is cleaned and filed.
• Finally, they inform the patient about oral and gum care.

The most important stage in this section is the final stage. The better patient care is, the faster the healing process takes place. Therefore, you should always listen to and follow the advice of your physician. In addition, there is no pain or pain in gum treatments.

Gum Shaping in Turkey

In general, gingival shaping is carried out by highly specialized physicians in Turkey. Especially in recent years, very professional clinics have been opened in this field. In general, gingival shaping is not a simple surgical procedure. The process of cutting or removing the excess gums around the teeth in an appropriate way is called gingival shaping. Most of the patients who have this procedure in Turkey leave satisfied. In addition, many clinics in Turkey provide free care after treatment.

Gum Treatment Prices in Turkey

Treatment fees for gingival diseases may vary depending on the preferred clinic and physician. However, in general, gingival treatment prices in Turkey vary depending on the patient's gingival problem. The prices of gingival recession are cheaper than the treatment price of gingivitis. However, the presence of both diseases will increase the treatment prices. For this reason, you can learn the exact price information from the physician you have examined.

Explanation: Gum Treatments in Turkey are performed at world health standards and very successful results are obtained.

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