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Inley and Onleys in Turkey

In Turkey, inleys and onleys are applied to international quality standards. Dental structures can cause decay or various problems over time due to unhealthy feeding and some physical factors in general. In such cases, inley be onley treatment is one of the most preferred treatment methods.

In Turkey, inleys and onleys are performed by specialist physicians. In addition, the success rate of this treatment in Turkey is quite high. Therefore, this treatment is very common in Turkey. If you want to receive this treatment in Turkey, you should consult with the physicians and inform them of your dental condition and structure.

What are Inley and Onley?

These treatment methods are actually a treatment method called crown with filling therapy. Inley and onley treatment, which has a very long lifespan, is a treatment method for teeth where there is not enough dental structure. It is preferred for decay or deterioration occurring in teeth with low tooth structure.

Usually this treatment is performed within 1 or 2 hours. According to the dental condition, the process of closing the mound is called inley and the closing process is called onley. The diagnosis of the treatment depends entirely on the physician and in some cases both methods are known to be used from one. Merter Dental Clinic is at the center of qualified applications.

Inley and Onley Material

The materials used in these two treatment methods are determined by the physician. But in general , inley and onley material are ceramic or composite. The purpose of using these two materials is to increase durability and to provide the possibility of use for many years. Merter Dental Clinic implements inley and onley applications without problems.

Especially in treatments made of composite material, the composite material is strengthened with fiber in addition to increasing durability. These materials are resistant if maintained. Therefore, it is always useful to learn from your physician how to care depending on the type of material used in the treatment.

Differences Between Inley and Onley

Although these two treatment methods are seen as similar treatment methods, they are actually different treatment methods. In general, the differences between Inley and Onley are as follows:

• Inley treatment is more similar to filling.
• As with inley treatment, not only the mounds of teeth are covered in onley treatment.
• Onley treatment is a broader treatment than inley treatment.
• Onley treatment has higher durability.
• Onley treatment is treated for longer periods of time than inley treatment.
• During inley treatment, no pain occurs in the tooth. However, during onley treatment, ache may occur in some cases.

How to Apply Inley and Onley?

In general, inley and onley application is completed in 2 or 3 sessions. The implementation stages are as follows:

• First, the rotten parts of the tooth are cleaned.
• The environmental dimensions of the teeth are taken by specialist physicians.
• The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory. This process takes about 5 working days.
• Meanwhile, filling is temporarily applied to the decaying tooth.
• In the second session, the temporary filler is removed from the tooth.
• Treatment is rehearsed.
• If there is a miscalcation in the rehearsal, the re-measurement is performed and the treatment is postponed until the 3rd session.
• If there are no problems with the dimensions and rehearsals, the inleys and onleys are glued in place of the removed filling.
• Finally, inleys and onleys are polished to end the treatment.

What are the Advantages of Inley and Onley?

This method of treatment is a form of treatment that has many advantages compared to similar treatments. In today's conditions, the advantages of inley and onley are listed as follows;

• They have a rather aesthetic appearance.
• Its lifespan is quite long. (Approximately 30 years if proper care is carried out)
• After treatment, the formation of caries is definitely prevented.
• No toothcuts are performed in the treatment.
• It is very resistant to chewing pressures.
• It fully adapts to the color of the tooth.
• Over time, there is no coloration in the treated area.
• It does not cause an allergic element.
• It does not have a long treatment process.
• Minimizes the formation of bacteria in the teeth.
• There will be no leakage of the teeth. Therefore, there are no aches or pains.

Prices of Inley and Onleyler in Turkey

As with other dental and oral treatments, the fees may vary according to the physician and the preferred clinic. However, inley and onley prices in Turkey vary depending on the dental health of the patient in general. Therefore, if you are going to have this type of application, you should do extensive research. In Turkey, inley and onleyler applications are implemented smoothly.

Here we can talk about different price options depending on the size of the treatment to be applied. The number of teeth to be treated and the prices are proportional. In other words, the more teeth needed for inley or onley treatment, the higher the prices. In addition, in general, prices are not given in session style and the price is paid for all treatments. On the other hand, prices include checks for certain periods of time after treatment.

Description: Inley and Onleyler are made entirely according to dental health standards in Turkey and very successful results have been obtained.

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