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Patient Reviews

Charles Welsh

Thank you very much for the special interest of the whole Merter Dent team, especially Serhan Hodja. I have been doing intensive research for implant treatment for 2 years. Pre-treatment information and stages were explained meticulously. Years later, I can eat with ease.

James Richard

Upon the recommendation of our acquaintance, we quickly made an appointment and came to Turkey from England. Merter Dent provided support in terms of accommodation and transportation during my implant treatment, and helped me with every question that came to my mind. In a short time, both my treatment was completed and I had chance to see around. Thank you very much.

Diana K.

As someone who has been hesitant to go to the dentist for years, I realized that my fear was unfounded after I met DR.Bülent :) First of all, they are very interested as a team. They do their best to make the patient feel comfortable. My implant treatment was completed in a very short time and without any problems.

Abbie R.

I am leaving Merter Dent very satisfied with the treatment. Since our physician took care of the whole process carefully, he completed the implant treatment without any problems, without skipping even the smallest detail. I feel like it's my own tooth :)

Berry S.

I came to Merter Dent clinic for Hollywood Smile, realizing once again how important a smile is because I am a cabin crew member. Our doctor, Dr.Serhan, listened to my request patiently and sensitively. Finally got the smile I wanted. :)

Cara C.

As someone who is very fond of the hollywood smile treatment that I see in advertisements and billboards every time, I finally found the courage in myself and started my treatment. Merter Dent has remained in my mind as a clinic that values the patient in every aspect. I found the clinic I will go to for all my future treatments.

Elbert K.

I had some fractures and losses in my teeth due to an accident I had months ago. Dr.Bülent completed both the implant treatment and the crowns in very short time. He even made the implant directly on the same day, there was no pain or ache. It was really light. I thank him.

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