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Porcelain Dental Crown in Turkey

Porcelain Dental Crown applications are implemented at a high level in Turkey. Every person should pay attention to oral and dental health. Another point that is as important as health is that the teeth look aesthetic. For this purpose, Porcelain Dental Crown method is successfully applied in Turkey. Moreover, this service is not limited to Turkey.

Many people come to Turkey from abroad to have this application done. The most important reason for this choice is due to the multifaceted and high quality delivery of the service. The support they need is provided at many points, from transportation to accommodation for people coming from abroad. Therefore, patients can enjoy the service they will receive after agreeing with the clinic that provides competent services in the field.

What is Porcelain Dental Crown?

There are several methods applied to make the teeth look much more aesthetic. Among these, Porcelain Dental Crown application is the most frequently preferred. During this application, a Crown made of porcelain material is made on the teeth. This Crown is produced entirely individually. The tooth color of the person to be applied is taken into account. In addition, porcelain also stands out with its material quality.

Porcelain Dental Crown Types

Porcelain is used as the main material in practice. But the materials used in the infrastructure can vary. Due to this, Porcelain Dental Crown varieties are grouped as follows;

• Metal porcelain dental Crown
• Ceramic empress dental Crown
• Zirconium dental Crown
• Dental Crown
• Laminate veneer dental Crown

When choosing from these varieties, criteria such as the number of missing teeth and whether the person will have a bridge should be taken into account.

Am I Suitable for Porcelain Dental Crown?

Porcelain Dental Crown process, which is often preferred in recent years, is a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes. It is applied to people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Here it is important to know the extent of the problem with the teeth. The person may want to have this procedure due to the trapezisms in his teeth. However, if this trapezism is advanced, unfortunately, this application cannot be done. Therefore, the decision of the physician is also important at this point. It should also be noted that the age of 18 must be filled in to have this application done.

How to Make Porcelain Dental Crown?

This process consists of certain stages. In general, the path is as follows;

• Porcelain Dental Crown process is started by cleaning the teeth.
• Thinning is done so that the Crown fits the tooth fully.
• For the preparation of the Crown, a personalized mold is removed.
• A temporary Crown is made on the person's teeth until the mold to be prepared arrives.
• After the mold prepared in the laboratory arrives, rehearsal is made.
• If the desired result is obtained in the rehearsal, the Crown is sent to the laboratory for the polishing stage again.
• After polishing, the crown places over the teeth and the process is terminated.

When is porcelain dental Crown done?

They prefer this application in order to have a much more beautiful appearance on the teeth of individuals. The cases where porcelain Crown is applied are as follows;

• People with crooked teeth
• People with missing teeth
• People with fractures that cause bad appearance in their teeth
• People who are not satisfied with the color, size and appearance of the tooth
• People with spots on their teeth

Advantages of Porcelain dental Crown

This application is very often preferred due to the advantages it provides. The advantages of Porcelain Dental Crown can be listed as follows;

• It's pretty durable.
• The desired image on the teeth is obtained in a short time.
• In addition to its aesthetic advantages, it also provide a natural appearance.
• It is fully compatible with dental tissue.
• Porcelain Crown is also resistant to new possible stains.
• The application time is quite short.

Disadvantages of Porcelain dental Crown

If the person who is being applied does not pay attention to dental care or if the wrong type of application is selected, some problems may occur. The disadvantages of Porcelain Dental Crown are as follows;

• Cracks or fractures may occur if hard objects are bitten uncontrollably.
• Teeth under the crown may have caries
• Due to the poor quality of the adhesive, the Crown may fall.
• It can be cold or hot sensitivity.
• People with sensitive gums may experience pain.
• The person may be allergic to the materials used. .

What Should I Pay Attention to After Porcelain Dental Crown?

If the person wants to maintain the improved appearance they have achieved thanks to the application, they should pay attention to some points. After porcelain Dental Crown, care should be taken to the following points;

• Teeth should be brushed 2 times a day.
• Checks should be carried out at the time intervals specified by the doctor.
• The consumption of hard food should not be preferred as much as possible.
• If a tooth feels pain for a long time, a physician should be consulted.

Porcelain Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

It is not very accurate to give the net price information for the procedure without seeing the needs of the person's teeth. But in general, Porcelain Dental Crown prices are reasonable in Turkey. These prices vary depending on the material selection that forms the infrastructure of the application. Apart from this, sometimes the person may need additional interventions. These also affect pricing. Therefore, a price should be given as a result of the evaluation of a specialist physician.

Porcelain Dental Crown Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • How Long Do Porcelain Teeth Last?
    • One of the most important factors determining the life of the application is material quality. Then the criteria of diligence shown by the person in the essence of use come into play. Therefore, there is a variability about the life of porcelain teeth. In general, it is seen that it is used between 15 and 20 years. If the person wants to use the teeth he has made for a long time, he should pay attention to his cleanliness and controls.

  • Why Is Porcelain crown on the Tooth?
    • There are a number of reasons why porcelain is preferred in the Crown made to make the teeth look more beautiful. The primary reason is that this material looks more aesthetic and natural. Then, ease of use and durability were taken into account. After performing the procedure, it is aimed to experience comfort in such a way that it is closest to the main tooth.

      The white and vibrant stand of the porcelain is again the reason of choice. Moreover, after the Crown process, the tooth continues to maintain this spotless form for a long time. The adaptation of the crown material with the gums is another important criterion. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use it without problems. Porcelain also stands out with its harmony.

  • How long does it take to make porcelain teeth?
    • Thanks to this application, people do not have to wait long to get the look they dreamed of. This is already one of the biggest advantages of the application. The process is completed in a period of 3 weeks. If there are no problems during the rehearsals, the time is shortened. If the person needs additional procedures, the period can be extended.

  • Does tooth cover by Porcelain Dental crown Ache?
    • Normally, a general examination is carried out in order to obtain clear information about the dental health of the person before the start of the procedure. If there is a rotten tooth or problems with the gums, the application is never started. It is aimed to solve these problems first. In other words, in order to glue, the bottom tooth must first be healthy.

      Of course, if the tooth that is covered over time is not given the necessary care, it may rot. If the person is constantly feeling pain in a tooth, he should contact his/her physician immediately, considering this possibility. In addition, there may be pains in the first days of application, which is already considered normal. These pains are not very severe and do not last long.
      Porcelain Dental Crown applications are applied in Turkey in international quality standards.

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