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Root Canal Treatment Turkey- Istanbul

Root canal treatment We can always talk about the existence of privileged opportunities for Turkey – Istanbul. Root canal treatment, which makes the process much easier with the arrival of modern instruments, is successfully carried out thanks to the clinics managed by specialist doctors in Istanbul, Turkey.

Canal treatment is a challenging process for both the patient and the doctor. Therefore, the clinic that will perform the procedure should be selected meticulously. If you are thinking of receiving this treatment, we recommend that you research the clinics in Istanbul. Because there are many clinics in this province that provide affordable and high quality services.

What is Canal Treatment?

For those who have problems with their teeth and who research on the Internet to see what is a root canal treatment, we can say that it is a treatment method applied to save the infected tooth from this condition and to restore the tooth to function again as a result of the collapse of tooth decay from the surface to the roots. In the operation, the infected tissues in the tooth are completely removed. The tooth nerves are removed and the canals are closed and the tooth is saved. In some cases, the tooth is covered after root canal treatment and made much more robust.

What are the Symptoms of Canal Treatment?

What are the symptoms of root canal treatment and suffering pains or stains on the teeth? For those who are curious, we can list the symptoms as follows.

- Severe pain when you apply pressure with your teeth
- Hot or cold sensitivity in the tooth
- Change of color of the tooth
- Sensitivity in the gums
- Swelling of the gums
- Blisters in the gums
- Swelling of the face

How is Canal Treatment Done?

How to get canal treatment and considering canal treatment? Steps of treatment for those who want to learn;

- First of all, X-rays are taken to determine the condition of the infection in the tooth and the number and length of the canals.
- The patient is given local anesthesia and the area where canal treatment will be performed is anesthetized.
- Tooth decay is removed
- Root channels are exposed
- The pulp inside the root canals is removed and the root canals are cleaned
- Disinfection is applied with the help of medicated cotton to remove harmful micro-organisms within the root canals
- First the root canals and then the tooth are filled and the process is completed.

Canal Treatment Processes

Stages if you have problems in your teeth and want to get information through canal treatment processes;

- A detailed detection study is carried out before the canal treatment because the treatment will vary depending on the condition of the tooth.
- Treatment can end in one session or last in 3 or 4 sessions
- Since doctors do not intend to close the tooth without being sure that the tooth has been cleaned, the process steps can be repeated.
- Once the treatment is completed, X-rays are taken to see if the treatment progresses and the channels are fully filled.

What Is Included in Canal Treatment?

If you are wondering what is included in the canal treatment you can get from specialist doctors , many clinics offer a luxurious service to their patients from abroad. Clinics are with their patients from the beginning to the end of the treatment and wait to answer their questions. Patients who come for treatment are first picked up from the airport and taken to their hotel where they will stay during the treatment. They can rest if they want, or they can be brought to the clinic on the same day and their treatment begins. After the treatment of their teeth, they are released back to the airport.

What are the Advantages of Canal Treatment?

For those who are undecided about canal treatment and ask what are the advantages of root canal treatment

- The biggest plus of the treatment is that it saves patients from pain and ache from the first session
- Thanks to this treatment, the possibility of tooth extraction is eliminated
- Since it is always healthier for the patient to use his own tooth, the dead tooth is functionalized
- The patient solves the problem without going through much more difficult processes such as dental bridges and dental implants

What are the Disadvantages of Canal Treatment?

For those who are concerned about whether it is a risky operation and what are the disadvantages of canal treatment;

- If the canals are not fully filled in the treatment that is not done in the specialist hands, all the troubles will be wasted and the tooth will rot again
- Since the procedure takes a long time, the patient needs to go to the dentist many times
- The patient must keep his mouth open for periods of 20 minutes longer for the dentist to work

Prices of Treatment in Turkey

We should tell the patients who are thinking of having this procedure and doing research on the prices of canal treatment in Turkey that this treatment does not have a clear price and that the prices vary according to the procedures applied and the number of root canals filled. But especially in Istanbul, many quality clinics offer this treatment to their patients within affordable price ranges.

Canal Treatment Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • What are the complaints requiring canal treatment?
    • For those who are worried about a problem with their teeth and who are wondering what are the complaints that require root canal treatment, root canal treatment manifests itself primarily with pain. In some patients, even if there is no pain, there is a decision or change in the color of the tooth. Patients complain of swelling in the gums or faces, and some patients may have blisters in the gums.

      Root canal treatment always comes across as a working area where a high level of service exists for Turkey.

  • How Long is the Life of the Canal Treated Tooth?
    • If you are wondering how long the canal-treated tooth has a lifespan , it is wrong to give a clear period of time. Because the lifespan of the tooth varies according to the doctor who does it completely and how much attention the patient pays to oral health. If the dental ducts and the inside of the tooth are closed correctly, the tooth that has been treated with a completely removed canal can be used without problems for many years. Likewise, if the patient disrupts the cleaning after treatment, there is a possibility that the tooth will rot again. But if the patient takes good care of his teeth, his lifespan will be extended in his canal-treated tooth.

  • What to Do If Canal Treatment Fails?
    • Many people wonder what to do if root canal treatment fails . If the tooth that is usually treated with the canal rots again and the doctor decides that there will no longer be enough tissue left in the tooth to hold the filling material or that the root canal treatment will not work in the tooth, at this point the tooth is pulled and implant or bridge treatments are recommended to the patient. But if that doesn't happen, canal treatment can be tried several times.

  • Does Canal Treatment Hurt?
    • Many patients are worried about whether canal treatment will hurt . At this point, although many patients get rid of their pain at the end of the process, some patients may experience sensitivity or pain in the tooth for short periods of time. If this condition persists for a long time, we strongly recommend that you contact your dentist. In addition, not eating for a few days with the treated area and using anti-inflammatory drugs in consultation with the dentist are applications that can be done to avoid problems.

  • How Long Does Canal Treatment Take in Turkey?
    • How long does it take to treat canals from abroad and in Turkey? For those who are curious, we can say that the duration of treatment varies, but with modern facilities, the duration is quite shortened. Usually, the treatment of one tooth is completed in about two sessions. Sessions can last an average of 45 minutes. However, if the condition of the tooth is very bad, at this point the number of sessions can be up to 4.

  • What should we pay attention to in the treatment of canals?
    • If you are one of those who say what to pay attention to in the treatment of canals, which is a laborious treatment , you should know that as long as you listen to your doctor's recommendations, there will be no problems. During the treatment, it will be enough not to overburst that area, not to eat anything while your mouth is lethargic and to take care of your oral health. Merter Dental Clinic root canal treatment is at the center of privileged services for Turkey.

      Root canal treatment is always among the most in-demand treatment areas for Turkey.

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