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Smile Design in Turkey

In Turkey, smile design is applied in a wide range. The mouth structure and smile, which have a significant effect on the appearance, have a great effect. It is possible to get smile design service in Turkey in order to have both healthy and glowing teeth . With many different treatments, a beautiful smile can be achieved. The smile that matches the person's face and is ideal is provided. Teeth should be arranged in harmony with each other and tissues.

Anatomical features and thread shapes are one of the most important factors when deciding how to design. It is also the basis of treatments. In addition, during the design phase, the facial features and the inner and outer edges are evaluated. Smile symmetry, the color of the tooth, gums and lips are among the factors that determine the design. Merter Dental Clinic has the ability to bring you a privileged service in smile design.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

This treatment is widely used to look younger and erase the scars of years from the around the lips and teeth. Ideal for those who want to achieve a dynamic appearance. However, the experience and skill of the dentist is of great importance with the techniques used. There are many options for people who want to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey. When it comes to health, most people want to get quality service.

Clinical and doctor selection manifests itself at this point. The breadth and quality of the facilities offered for patients from abroad also gain importance at this point. It is necessary to agree with a quality clinic for successful results and a bye-bye service. For external patients, places where services such as reception and accommodation are offered effectively should be preferred.

What to Do for Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile, which provides different advantages in different fields , is especially useful in being confident and regulating social relationships. Communication skills are also known to increase success rate. White teeth alone are not enough for a good smile. Gums should also look healthy and be proportionate. The steps followed during the design are as follows:

• Detailed diagnosis stage
• To find out which form teeth should be obtained according to the face shape
• Deciding on one of the dental aesthetics applications
• Remove if there is a mismatch between the gums and the tooth

Although it is a simple procedure, it is not recommended for some people. People who use braces, those under the age of eighteen, those with infections in the mouth and gums, patients with bruxism and dental caries are some of these. Merter Dental Clinic brings you a professional study on smile design.

How to Design a Smile?

For those who want to do it, it is a question of what kind of process smile design is. First of all, these designs are specific to the person and the tooth and face structure of the patient are kept in the foreground. The work is started by analyzing with the latest technological devices. There is a smile developed with subjective aesthetic standards.

Smile design, where aesthetics, technology and dentistry come together , operates in a certain procedure. The services that can be received within this scope are as follows:

• Correction of misaligned teeth
• Whitening of teeth
• Adjusting the height and width of the front teeth
• The ratio of teeth and gums is ideal
• Strengthening the teeth
• Making smiles that match lip folds
• Elimination of problems in the teeth and mouth

What are the Advantages of Smile Design?

It is possible to have a younger and more beautiful smile using different methods. For this purpose, there is no obligation to completely cut or cover the teeth. Due to the quality service provided, there are people who come here from many different countries to get services. The duration of treatment varies according to the procedure to be applied to the patient. Therefore, a detailed diagnosis and planning is required. The advantages of the smile design can be listed as follows:

• Teeth compatible with jaw and facial features
• Aesthetic posture that does not interfere with natural appearance
• Clearer and single tone of tooth colors
• A healthier look in the gums
• Creating a younger and more attractive perception

What are the Disadvantages of Smile Design?

Although it is an area with high demand, it is a job that requires meticulous care. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. Otherwise, it is possible to encounter negative situations. There are obvious problems that are likely to be encountered. It is important to be wary of these. Among the disadvantages of smile design, the following can be mentioned:

• If the crown is installed, the teeth will not return to their normal state after the operation as some of the enamel has come out.
• Excessive sensitivity to cold or hot products may develop in the teeth.
• Breakages and cracks in crowns are not repaired. It needs to be completely replaced.
• It is important to choose carefully, as the color will be fixed and predetermined.
• If proper and adequate oral care is not done, bad breath may occur.

Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey

There are procedures to be used in solving many problems such as curvature, gap and irregularities of the teeth. In this way, white, permanent and healthy teeth are obtained. When we look at these transactions in the world, it is possible to say that it is quite economical in our country. It attracts many people from abroad due to its cost-effectiveness. Merter Dental Clinic is the most logical option when smile design comes to the agenda in Turkey.

Smile design in Turkey is among the aesthetic procedures where there is a high demand. Contact for quality and affordable service!un!

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