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Tooth Extraction in Turkey

One of the treatment methods performed on the teeth is the shooting process. This procedure is carried out within the scope of outpatient treatment. Tooth extraction service is provided in a very professional manner in Turkey. This process occurs for a wide variety of reasons. It forms the basis for some treatments. It is possible for patients from abroad to come to Turkey for this treatment. Work should be started with the selection of clinics that serve professionally in the field.

What is Tooth Extraction?

For some reason, people need tooth extraction treatment. This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia according to the degree of difficulty. It is a method usually used for adults. But it can be applied to children if necessary. The general purpose of the procedure is to remove the problematic tooth from its location as a result of the intervention.

These teeth that will be pulled are usually teeth that have not been answered by other treatment methods. In other words, if the tooth is causing problems with the halo even though the necessary is filled or root canal treatment is performed, it is decided to withdraw. Merter Dental Clinic is always at the center of a privileged service for dental treatments.

Why Is the Tooth Pulled?

In fact, there are multiple reasons why this method is used. Usually it is decided to pull teeth that do not respond to treatment. In the event that the number of teeth present is too high or obstructed for other treatments to be performed, the shot is taken. For example, many people who will be treated with orthodontics face the condition of not fitting the existing teeth in their jaws. For the planned arrangement of the teeth, it is necessary to shoot again in order to make room in the jaw.

How to Do a Tooth Extraction?

If it is decided to apply this procedure to a patient, the tooth extraction process is shaped according to the patient's condition. But in general, the process is as follows;

• Local anesthesia is performed on the area to be shot in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain.
• In some cases, this general anesthesia is needed.
• After the necessary anesthesing process is performed, the gums surrounding the tooth are cut.
• The existing tooth is grasped with a tool called forceps.
• The doctor first moves the tooth slightly to relieve it a little.
• Then it is pulled out of nowhere.
• In some cases, the tooth cannot be pulled out of the place as a whole.
• In fragmented shots, the teeth parts left on the palate are cleaned one by one.

Before Tooth Extraction

In fact, this process is considered an easy and trouble-free process. Although it is evaluated in this way , it is necessary to pay attention to some points before tooth extraction. If there is an infection in the area where the application will be carried out, this doctor should be told. In addition, the person should share with his doctor the medications he/she uses, current diseases or past negativity. If drugs are used that prevent blood clotting, this should be left before the process. Of course, the patient should not decide on his own and should act with the guidance of a doctor.

What should I pay attention to after tooth extraction?

If the person does not want to have difficulties after tooth extraction, he should always take into account the doctor's directions. The general considerations to be considered after the process are as follows;

• After the extraction, the tampon placed on the area by the doctor should be kept for the specified time.
• The placed gauze should be replaced periodically as it absorbs the blood.
• The person should not constantly try to spit.
• Ice can be applied in the application area both to reduce pain and to avoid swelling.
• Attention should be paid to the nutrients eaten in the first 24 hours.
• Drugs given in case of infection should be used.

Recovery After Tooth Extraction

If there are no mishaps outside the usual flow, recovery after tooth extraction does not take very long. The person may feel pain and discomfort more intensely in the first 24 hours. That's perfectly normal. These complaints decrease in the following days. After about 3 weeks of shooting, the area regains its former order. Because the sensitive gum repairs itself in the time elapsed. After the necessary recovery is achieved, it is very important that the place of the tooth pulled is not left empty. Other teeth tend to fill this void that inevitably occurs. In this case, the person's teeth slip.

Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey

The degree of difficulty is very effective when determining the price to be requested for this transaction. Pricing is determined on a tooth basis. Tooth extraction prices in Turkey draw attention with their reasonable level. If a surgical intervention is required for the shot, the price is slightly higher than for a normal shot. The price also changes due to the labor spent by the physician and the differences in the center chosen. Merter Dental Clinic always brings you privileged opportunities in terms of tooth extraction prices.

Tooth Extraction Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • How Long Does Tooth Extraction Take?
    • Doctors working in Turkey perform the extraction process with extremely modern methods. The fact that the methods are technological, on the other hand, has a direct effect on the time. A normal shot can be done in an average of 15 to 20 minutes. The fact that the tooth is double-rooted may cause a longer period of time compared to single-rooted teeth. Apart from this, the time will be long in teeth that require a surgical operation.

  • Do I Feel Pain in Tooth Extraction?
    • Necessary measures are taken so that the person does not feel pain during the shooting. In this context, anesthesia is applied. In fact, according to the size of this procedure, general anesthesia may be preferred instead of local anesthesia. The common purpose of these preferences is to reduce the feeling of pain to zero. Therefore, the patient does not feel pain during the shooting. After the procedure, painkillers are given to make the patient comfortable. Merter Dental Clinic brings you a qualified tooth extraction.

  • How is an abscessed tooth extracted?
    • If it is decided to extract a tooth with an abscess, the existing inflammation must be dissipated first. For this purpose, the doctor recommends the use of antibiotics. The patient should use this medicine regularly. After the drug is used, the doctor makes the necessary top-up. If the abscess has dispersed, the extraction phase can only be passed in this way. If the abscess in the tooth is treated, then extraction is not possible.

  • When Do I Eat After Tooth Extraction?
    • After the extraction, the patient should not eat anything for a few hours. If the extracted tooth is a wisdom tooth, this period should be a little longer. It is also very important in the first 24 hours after the shooting. The area where the tooth was taken becomes sensitive due to the process. Therefore, it is not very correct to eat hard objects. Instead, it is necessary to prefer soups or smooth dishes.

  • How is wisdom teeth extracted?
    • It comes out after all wisdom teeth. Therefore, it can jam other teeth. Or it may be decided to withdraw due to other reasons. The method by which these teeth will be extracted is decided after the necessary examinations are made. Operations can also be performed with the route followed in a normal shot. Or, it may be necessary to do the shooting with some surgical interventions. Surgical procedures are preferred in cases where the tooth is embedded in the jaw.

  • Why Isn't Spit Up After Tooth Extraction?
    • After the extraction, a bleeding occurs inevitably in the area that is discharged from the tooth. The doctor will apply a tampon to stop this bleeding as soon as possible. It is extremely important to apply a tampon to this area, especially in the first 15 minutes after the shooting.

      If the person constantly spits up, the process of stopping the blood, which is intended to be done with the tampon, cannot be done. In this case, the bleeding does not stop because the blood cannot clot. Therefore, it is very important to avoid constant spitting but instead to press firmly on the tampon.

      Since tooth extraction fees in Turkey are updated for different reasons, you should do a detailed price research!

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