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Dental Braces in Turkey

Dental Braces are applied professionally in Turkey. Some people have structural impairment of their jaws and teeth. The way to treat this disorder is possible with orthodontic treatment. As part of this process, Dental Braces are successfully applied in Turkey.

A professional dental clinic also creates additional service packages against patients coming from abroad. In addition to the service provided, interventions are made within the other needs of the patients, such as packaged accommodation. Merter Dental Clinic brings you professional solutions for such applications.

What are Dental Braces?

If there is an advanced irregularity in the teeth of the individuals, braces treatment comes into play. This irregularity may be caused by the distorted teeth or the gap between them. Thanks to this method, the teeth are restored to the image they should be. There are also varieties of this treatment in itself. In general, with the help of brackets and wires, the teeth are restored to the imagined image over time.

How to Apply Dental Braces?

A series of procedures are performed to shape the teeth of the person to be applied. Brackets are attached to the tooth surface to shape the teeth in the planned shape. Dental Braces are passed through these brackets. Thanks to this mechanism, the ability to apply a force to the teeth continuously is obtained. During the course of treatment, this mechanism stops in the teeth of the person. Thanks to a special adhesive, the brackets adapted to the teeth are removed at the end of treatment. It does not cause any damage to the teeth.

When is braces treatment done?

Dental Braces treatment is often preferred to eliminate existing irregularities in the teeth. The criteria for the application times of treatment are as follows;

• It is not appropriate to do it before the age of 7.
• The ideal age range is 10 to 12 years.
• Adults can try this treatment at any age.

What should be considered in the treatment of Dental Braces?

In order for this process to be successful, it is necessary to pay attention to some criteria in the treatment of Dental Braces. These criteria are as follows;

• Patience should be taken, as the treatment can spread over a long period of time.
• The pains experienced after the first time the wires are installed and the occasional arrangements should be considered reasonable.
• It is important to avoid hard food so that there is no breakage in the wires.
• Food that is likely to stick to the wires and teeth should not be consumed.
• During the treatment period, caution should also be taken against blows to the mouth area.
• The consumption of acidic beverages and alcohol should also be suspended during the treatment period.

Benefits of dental Braces Treatment

There are many advantages that choosing this treatment provides to the person. The benefits of brace treatment can be listed as follows;

• The desired regular and aesthetic appearance is obtained in the teeth.
• Adjusting the teeth contributes to the person chewing nutrients more easily.
• Teeth and gums get a healthier form.
• Since the teeth do not cover each other, the possibility of caries is minimized.
• Regular teeth provide a better perception of the person's face, lips and mouth shape.
• Since the teeth are aligned to the level they should be, the force formed in the teeth during chewing is evenly distributed.
• With the new appearance of the person, his self-confidence also increases.

How to Care for Dental Braces?

If the person wants to achieve the image he imagined at the end of this treatment, he should take great care of the care of his teeth. For brace care , the following points should be observed;

• Teeth must be brushed every day.
• Brushing alone is not enough.
• After brushing the teeth in detail, the residuals between them should be cleaned with the help of floss.
• The preferred toothbrush and floss should be products specially designed for this treatment.

Turkey dental Braces Prices

One of the most curious issues about this treatment is its fees. Turkey dental braces prices vary according to each person applied. Because treatment is shaped by people's problems. The duration, material used and labor given are different for each person. Therefore, the pricing becomes clear after consultation with the doctor. If there are additional procedures to be performed before treatment, they are reflected in the price.

Turkey Braces Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should Dental Braces be made?
    • It is recommended that each child be examined by a specialist physician at the age of 7-8 years, from which he removes his main teeth. If there's a problem, there's a chance of early intervention. Early diagnosis is much more important, especially in problems caused by jaw structure. However, there is no age limit for brace application. The person can benefit from the benefits of this treatment at any age when they feel ready.

  • When Is Dental Braces Removed As Soon as Possible?
    • The route of this treatment is drawn individually. Therefore, it is not right to give a clear time frame about the process. Dental Braces can be removed as soon as 6 months. But in general, the time is a little longer. As a result, a certain time is needed for the teeth that have been replaced, even if they have been replaced incorrectly, to be moved again.

  • What to Use After Dental Braces?
    • The use of a plate is also needed after the wires are removed to complete the treatment. It is extremely important to use plaque after braces. This plaque is transparent. It is not noticeable from the outside. The person can insert and remove this plaque himself. The purpose of its use is to fix the image obtained as a result of the treatment. After the braces are removed, the teeth may move to return to their original state. In order to prevent this situation, the plate should be used for the period recommended by the doctor.

  • How Long Does Brace Treatment Take?
    • Anyone who decides on treatment needs to be flexible about the duration. Because brace treatment is a long-term application. The speed at which people respond to treatment is also different from each other. The duration generally varies from 1 to 3 years. But in some people, that time can be much longer. Therefore, the necessary estimate of the time can only be made after the doctor's examination. The doctor can give you a rough interval in time. In the process, time can also change in a positive or negative way.

      In Turkey, Dental Braces are applied at a high level in terms of smooth, safe and patient comfort.

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