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Turkey Dental Crowns

Turkey dental crowns procedures are frequently performed today. In general, dental crowns are one of the oral and dental aesthetic procedures. It is the dental aesthetic procedure that takes place in order to make the teeth look healthier and aesthetically pleasing. Especially ideal for rotten teeth. Today, dental aesthetic procedures are generally more popular with young people. Dental crowns procedures are preferred for healthy and aesthetic smiles.

Today, Merter Dental Clinic provides dental crown processing services internationally in a continuous and professional manner. The company is also interested in accommodation and transportation services of its customers. While dental crowns are available, merter dental clinic and other types of services are offered professionally.

In dental crowns procedures, often take a long time in dental aesthetics. In general, dental crowns process involves a long process, so customers need to complete this process without problems.

Teeth in general are valuable for both health and aesthetics. Over time, different diseases or aesthetic problems may occur in the teeth. Especially for cases of caries, Turkey dental crowns constantly at the front. Because the teeth damaged by the treatment of dental crowns are both healthier and more aesthetic. Today, professional companies in the field should be preferred for dental crown treatment processes in general.

What are Dental Crowns?

Those who have problems such as cavities or fractures and cracks in their teeth have both dental health and dental aesthetic problems. Today, the process of dental crown treatment, which is known as dental crowns, is curious. In general, the treatment of dental crowns is the process of covering the teeth that are rotten or damaged in an aesthetic way.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dental Crowns?

In recent years, dental aesthetics have been given more importance in Turkey. In dental aesthetics, the treatment of dental crowns is generally not decided at once. As a result of the examination of the specialist dentist, it is decided to treat dental crowns with the recommendation of the dentist. The suitability for dental crowns is decided by a specialist dental examination.

How to Make Dental Crown?

In general, the treatment process of dental crowns proceeds with the following stages;

- Advice for dental crowns by a specialist dentist
- Teeth are cleaned
- Dental measurements are taken.
- Temporary crowns are used.
- With the construction of real crowns, temporarys are left to use.
- New dental crowns are provided under the control of the dentist.

Who is Suitable for Dental Crown?

In general, the treatment process of dental crown is not suitable for everyone. The following answers are asked to the question of who is suitable for dental crown;

- Those with rotten teeth
- Those with broken or cracked teeth
- Prosthetic teeth users
- Non-white teeth

Who Is Not Suitable for Dental Crowns?

The process of covering the teeth is intense in demand. But not everyone can get a crown on their teeth. In general, people who are not suitable for dental crown treatment are;

- Those with healthy teeth
- Those with aesthetically ideal teeth
- Those with milk teeth

What are the Advantages of Dental Crowns?

The advantages of dental crown, which are often curious, are as follows;

- Exhibits an aesthetic and healthy appearance
- It's better from a health point of view.
- Your tooth color looks more natural.
- Some dental crowns are more durable.
- The use of teeth with dental crown is more effective.

What are the Types of Dental Crowns?

In general, there is a lot of interest in the treatment of dental crowns in Turkey today. Merter Dental Clinic always offers healthy and professional dental crown treatment. Today, the types of dental crowns are;

- Full crown; is known by the name of metal porcelain crown
- Ceron crown; it is known as zirconium crown because it contains zirconium.

Metal Porcelain Crowns (PFM)

In dental aesthetics, the method of metal porcelain crowns (pdf) is preferred for smaller damaged teeth during the treatment process. The fact that it is metal-contained has added to its more durable properties. Especially in recent years, it has become more preferred. Because the use of metal porcelain as aesthetics and durability is more practical.

Zirconium Porcelain Crowns (Zirconia)

Zirconium porcelain crowns (zirconia) are preferred for better quality use of teeth in the dental crown process. In particular, the risk of breakage or cracking is quite low. Therefore, zirconium treatment is preferred for long-term dental crowns today.

Zirconium crowns can be prepared in 3 different forms;
In general, Zirconium caps can be prepared in 3 different forms , and these types of forms are;

- Stabilized with magnesium
- Alumia hardened with zirconium
- Tetragonal zirconium

Porcelain Zirconia Crowns
Merter Dental Clinic, which is strong in the field of dental aesthetics, provides accommodation for dental crown procedures at all times. In general, in the treatment of dental crowns, porcelain crown zirconia crowns processes are provided with biocompatibility to the teeth.

MonolithicZircon Crowns
Porcelain is not used in monolithic Zirconia crowns treatments, which are preferred in dental aesthetic treatment processes. But the general appearance of the teeth looks like porcelain. It is one of the types of dental treatment that is ideal aesthetically.

Multilayer Zirconia Crowns
The treatment of multilayer zirconia crowns, which are preferred in the treatment of dental crowns, especially ensures that the teeth are durable. In addition, the general functional uses of the teeth are greater with zirconia, which is multilayered.

Tooth Crown Treatment Process in Turkey

Today, dental aesthetics are important in all areas. In Turkey, the dental crown treatment process is completed in a practical way with professional teams. In general, dental crown treatment processes are provided in Turkey as follows;

- The patient is examined.
- The patient's measurements are taken for dental crown.
- Cleaning of the teeth is provided.
- dental process is provided.
- dental crown uses are checked.

Turkey Dental Crown Prices

Today, there are various methods of covering teeth. In these methods, the types of materials clearly determine the fee status. Therefore, today, turkey dental crown prices in general are not clear as they vary according to the types of materials used.

Turkey Dental Crowns Frequently Asked Questions

As dental aesthetics begins to gain attention, it increases in the questions about dental aesthetics. Today, turkey dental crowns are at the top of the frequently asked questions list with the question of which method is more effective. There is also often a question of the fee schedule for dental crowns. At the top of the list is the question of which dentist is the most specialized in this field.

  • Is Dental Crown Cheap in Turkey?
    • Those who are considering dental aesthetic procedures first check their budget status. It consists of various lists for dental aesthetic prices. Today, dental aesthetic procedures can be provided for every budget.

  • What is the Best Crown in Turkey?
    • Crown types are often preferred in the field of oral and dental aesthetics. In general, the best type of crown for Turkey is decided by dentists according to the general condition of the teeth. In particular, dental crown should be provided with the right dentist preferences for the right methods.

  • Zirconium or Porcelain crown? Should I Choose?
    • Dental crown methods are often compared for dental aesthetics. If you have small cavities in your teeth, you should generally prefer the porcelain crown method. If you want your teeth to be more durable, zirconium crown should be preferred. However, the right decision is always made by your specialist dentist during this process.

  • Can I Bite Something Hard with Crowns?
    • We eat many food products in everyday life. Some food products are hard-made. For those who are thinking of crown their teeth, it is generally curious if I can bite hard food after dental crown. When crown processes are provided professionally, there is no problem in biting hard-structured food products.

  • Is There a Crown on Implant?
    • Those with implants from dental treatment types often wonder if there will be a dental crown process. In general, both porcelain and zirconium crown procedures can be provided on the implant. The appropriate method is decided and applied by your dentist.

      Dental crowns can always produce a high level of performance.

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