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Zirconium dental Crown in Turkey

Istanbul Dental Zirconium crowns are widely applied in Turkey. Teeth are the first place on the face of the person that attracts the attention of the other side. Therefore, it is extremely important that it looks healthy and aesthetic. Istanbul Dental Zirconium crowns are made extremely successfully for this purpose in Turkey. Advantageous packages have been created for people who live abroad but want to receive this service. In addition to the Zirconium Crowns service they will receive, transportation and accommodation are included in these packages.

What is Zirconium Crown?

Porcelain Zirconium Crown scan be done in such a way that it is metal-supported and unsymapped when applying. Zirconium Crown is an application made under the title of metal unmapped. Zirconium Crowns application is a process aimed at providing dental aesthetics. Zirconium also looks much more aesthetic because it is white in color. Therefore, it is very often preferred. When using, a specially processed version of zirconium substance is used.

Zirconium Crown Types

This application, which attracts attention with its advantages, also varies in itself. This variety is generally due to the preferred method and material. Zirconia Crown varieties are as follows;

• Porcelain zirconia crowns
• Monolithic zirconia crowns
• Multilayer zirconia crowns

When deciding between these options, physician's advice should also be taken into account.

Porcelain Zirconia Crowns

Unfortunately, not everyone's teeth may be what they imagine. Fortunately, thanks to existing applications, it has become possible to bring the teeth to the dream point. Porcelain Zirconia Crowns are one of the applications made. Teeth are covered using these materials. It can be easily converted to the desired color and form. In the use of porcelain, a bright and durable Zirconium Crown is made.

Monolithic Zirconia Crowns

If porcelain is not used in any way on zirconium crown, it is called monolithic zirconia crowns. In this option, porcelain is not preferred if the coloring process of zirconium is not preferred. Instead, a more natural Zirconium Crowns process is performed. When looking at the way it is applied, it is seen that the Zirconium Crown is glued to the tooth in a monolithic way. It is preferred by many people because of their aesthetics and durability.

Multilayer Zirconia Crowns

Multilayer zirconia crowns are preferred primarily due to the advantages they provide during use. Teeth show great resistance to strong chewing or night squeezes. It is a good option for people with such problems. In addition, it is both translucent and bright in its structure. If there are stains or fillings on the teeth that have formed before, it masks them very nicely.

How is Zirconium Crown applied?

This application is implemented as follows;

• Zirconium crown makes the health of the person's teeth and gums suitable.
• Teeth are reduced to a certain extent without the application of the crowns.
• Shows the person a three-dimensional version of what kind of image to create at the end of the process.
• Once the requests are clear, the mold is removed and sent for production.
• After the mold arrives, the rehearsal is done.
• If there are no problems, the Zirconium Crown is glued to the teeth.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium?

There are important reasons for choosing this method from porcelain Zirconium Crowns varieties. Zirconium advantages can be listed as follows;

• It provides a more natural and white appearance as it passes the light.
• It prevents the matte appearance on the teeth, giving it a brighter appearance.
• It is considered to be much healthier among other varieties.
• It does not cause any trouble for the person by adapting to the gums.
• It is resistant to heat.
• It is an important option for patients with metal allergies.

What is the Treatment Process in Zirconium?

First of all , the treatment process in zirconium consists of certain stages. These stages are as follows;

• Examination of the person
• Filming if deemed necessary
• Reduction of teeth
• Measurement for crowns
• Temporary Zirconium Crowns of a person's tooth
• Rehearsing with the arrival of the Zirconium Crowns from the laboratory
• Gluing the Zirconium Crowns to the teeth by choosing special adhesive

Does Zirconium Aesthetics Appear?

It is zirconium Crowns that looks most aesthetic among porcelain Crowns. Due to the passing feature of the light, the Zirconium Crowns always looks vibrant and white. There will be no change in this image over time. It also does not create a dark color on the gums, like other types of Crowns. If a natural, permanent and aesthetic appearance is desired, it should definitely be preferred.

What are the differences between dental Crowns and dental zirconium crowns?

Patients who want to have Crowns should choose knowing the important differences between the applications. The differences between dental Crowns and dental zirconium crowns are as follows;

• In other Crowns, the person's teeth are sensitive to heat, while zirconium crown is not the case.
• Zirconium crown is much more robust than other Crowns.
• While other grabs may be stained due to the consumption of nutrients such as cigarettes, tea and coffee in the teeth of the person, zirconium crown does not experience this condition.

Zirconium Crown Prices in Turkey

First of all, the prices of this application vary according to the doctor, the material used, the interventions required by the patient. With this variability, Zirconium Crown prices are not very high in Turkey. Many people with different budgets can get the app done. Price information is a criterion that will become clear after the doctor's choice is made and the examination is made. There may also be price changes according to the Zirconium Crowns options.

Zirconium Dental Zirconium Crowns Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • Is Zirconium Crown Cheap in Turkey?
    • Those who want to have this application first wonder about the transaction fee they have to pay. Turkey draws attention with its fee range in this regard. Fees vary depending on where they are made. But overall, the prices are quite reasonable. In addition to these reasonable prices, the service is provided at the highest levels. Turkey can be preferred as a priority in order to get quality service at the most affordable price.

  • Is Pain Felt in Zirconium Crown Treatment?
    • This application is definitely not a painful and open application. In the step of cutting the teeth, which is one of the stages of the procedure, the person is already given a local anesthesia. The person is conscious but does not feel any pain. After the completion of the application, very few patients experience pain complaints. These pains are already passed in a short time.

  • How Many Years Is Zirconium Used?
    • There are some considerations that affect the duration of use. First of all, for long-term use, the procedure must be carried out by a competent person. In addition, the quality of the materials used for the process is very important. If the person comes to their check-ups at regular intervals and pays attention to tooth cleaning, he can use his Crowns for many years. The time given to the environment for use varies from 5 to 15 years.

  • Is Zirconium Suitable for Metal Allergy Sufferers?
    • Zirconium Crown provides a great advantage to those with metal allergies. The use of metal infrastructures in other Zirconium Crowns methods is a great problem for allergy sufferers. Because they cannot choose them. In this type of crowns, no metal is used in the infrastructure. Therefore, every individual who has an allergic reaction to metal can choose this application with peace of mind.

  • How Many Years Can I Use Zirconium Crown?
    • It is not possible to give clear information about the duration of use of the crown. Because the duration of use of the process is shaped according to the people who are applied. If the person wants to maximize the period of use, he must first take very good care of his teeth. Just as a main tooth rot if it is not brushed, it rots in the same way in the crowned tooth. When the tooth under the Zirconium Crowns rots, it is necessary to intervene.

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