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Dental Veneers (Laminate) in Turkey

Dental Veneers applications in Turkey come up with international quality standards. Today, people's teeth can cause problems such as decay or falls over time due to both genetic factors and physical factors. Dental Veneers (Laminate) is one of the most preferred treatments for such problems.

Dental Veneers in Turkey has developed in recent years and many clinics and physicians serve in this field. Dental Veneers, which is different from other types of crowns in general, is a very thin type of crowns.

Laminate veneers treatments in Turkey are not limited to treatment. The checks after the treatment are also carried out very meticulously by your physician. In this way, the patients who are treated can move on with their lives more happily

What is Dental Veneer (Laminate)?

The Dental Veneers (Laminate) method for a more beautiful appearance of teeth that are worn or have an aesthetically bad appearance is called Dental Veneers (Laminate). This method is also known as leaf crown.

After the teeth are first finely filed, the Dental Veneers (Laminate) that are very thin are glued to the tooth and the process ends. This treatment can also be used in teeth where there is a lot of color change. On the other hand, applying this treatment to rotten teeth can prevent decay. Dental Veneers (Laminate) treatment is also used in the treatment of patients with rare gum problems.

Dental Veneers (Laminate) Material

Today, uniform material is used in the treatment of Dental Veneers (Laminate) which most people are satisfied with. In general, Dental Veneers (Laminate) material is porcelain material. Because porcelain is the most suitable material for obtaining the appearance of natural teeth. On the other hand, the best aesthetic appearance is known to be obtained only by porcelain. Another reason that porcelain is almost as good as the tooth is the rate of cooling the light. On the other hand, since porcelain is a fairly light substance, it is the most suitable model for Dental Veneers (Laminate).

How to Make Dental Veneers (Laminate)?

This dental treatment is carried out quite quickly and in a short time. In general, Dental Veneers (Laminate) consists of 3 stages. These stages are 1st examination, 2nd examination and treatment.
Dental Veneers (Laminate) treatment process:

• First, people are checked to see if they are suitable for Dental Veneers (Laminate)
• For those who are suitable, color and form are decided.
• A beautiful smile is designed for the patient. Then the measurement is taken.
• Measurements are prepared in a laboratory environment. This period lasts approximately 1 or 2 weeks.
• After daha, the patient's mouth is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the teeth are filed.
• Dental Veneers (Laminate) are glued to the teeth with special materials.
• In the last stage, the teeth are checked under the supervision of the physician and the patient is discharged.

Am I Dental Veneers (Laminate) a Good Suitable Candidate?

This method of treatment is not suitable for every individual or person with every problem with their teeth. First of all, you should know the conditions for which Dental Veneers (Laminate) is performed and then consult a physician. If the physician deems the patient suitable for Dental Veneers (Laminate) as a result of the examination, then the veneers can be made. In order to be generally treated with Dental Veneers (Laminate), the conditions that a candidate must carry are as follows:

• To be over 18.
• Not being diabetic or at least 6 months after treatment.
• No problems as a result of mouth and dental X-rays.
• Excessive yellow, rotten or broken teeth.

Advantages of Dental Veneers (Laminate)

The most important reason why this treatment method is preferred so much is that it has quite a lot of advantages. In general, the advantages of Dental Veneers (Laminate) are as follows.

• Since their structure is quite thin, the light reflect is quite high.
• Since it does not contain a metal material, it provides a rather natural appearance.
• If appropriate maintenance is carried out, the lifespan is quite long.
• It helps to form a smooth surface on the surface of the tooth.
• It doesn't color over time.
• It'll give you a better smile.
• After eating, stains do not form on the tooth surfaces.

Dental Veneers (Laminate) Disadvantages

Although Dental Veneers (Laminate) has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. The disadvantages Dental Veneers (Laminate) are generally as follows.

• If maintained and checked, it can lead to fractures over time.
• If very hard foods are consumed, shedding may occur.
• Over time, it may lose its adhesion.
• In some cases, it can cause ache in the teeth or gums.
• It is somewhat more difficult to care for than the original teeth.

After Dental Veneers (Laminate)

When the treated individuals start to use their new teeth, they will be able to see the difference between the Dental Veneers (Laminate) before and after are very clearly. In general, people before treatment are people who cannot smile comfortably because of their teeth, and therefore are low in self-esteem. Only after treatment will they be able to laugh quite comfortably, so they will have high self-esteem. On the other hand, patients have difficulty consuming certain foods and beverages before treatment. However, after treatment, you can consume all food and beverages with peace of mind.

Laboratory Design Center

Before Dental Veneers (Laminate) treatment, tooth measurements are taken according to the oral structure of the individuals. According to these dimensions, molds of porcelain teeth are removed. These porcelain molds are produced in special units called laboratory design centers.

Porcelain molds are produced without errors and completely customer-oriented with a highly experienced and expert staff. In this way, customers get the highest quality and perfect new teeth. Especially with the developing technology, this service is very developed in Turkey. Therefore, many people receive this treatment from Turkey and are very satisfied.

Dental Veneers (Laminate) Prices in Turkey

The quality and clinical characteristics of the physician serving with this treatment method change the prices of the treatment. However, the prices of Dental Veneers (Laminate) in Turkey generally vary from patient to patient. Prices are proportional to the number of teeth to be covered by the patient. In other words, the more teeth will be covered, the more the price of the treatment will increase. On the other hand, the patient's dental problems change the prices.

For example, Dental Veneers (Laminate) prices for teeth with spillage are higher. The prices of Dental Veneers (Laminate) applied to stained teeth in general are somewhat more affordable. Therefore, this treatment does not have a clear price. When you are examined, your doctor will inform you about the price. Merter Dental Clinic is in an ambitious position for affordable Dental Veneers (Laminate).

Dental Veneers (Laminate) Frequently Asked Questions in Turkey

  • Do I Feel Pain When Making Dental Veneers (Laminate)?
    • In the treatment of Dental Veneers (Laminate) patients are given appropriate drugs before the start of treatment. In this way, the patient does not feel pain or pain in any way. After treatment, toothache may occur for a while. However, the correct use of the medicines given by the physician is prevented in this case.

  • Does Dental Veneers (Laminate) Stain Hold?
    • Porcelain substance used in Dental Veneers (Laminate) has a homogeneous structure due to its structure. Therefore, Dental Veneers (Laminate) do not stain in any way. However, this is true if they are maintained fully and accurately. Therefore, you must make the care recommended by your physician after treatment.

      Description: Dental Veneers (Laminate) Turkey is of high quality and reasonable prices. Contact us to have a more beautiful smile!

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