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In Turkey – Istanbul Teeth Whitening

Istanbul-Turkey has always been in an ambitious position in terms of teeth whitening services. Teeth are an accessory for humans. That's why they care so much about them. The color and way disorders of the teeth depress many people and negatively affect their psychology.

Teeth whitening in Istanbul-Turkey is an aesthetic and corrective solution treatment is given by experienced hands in specialized clinics. As a result, all dark spots on the teeth disappear. Color changes pass and a healthy white smile appears.

Why Do Our Teeth Turn Yellow?

If you have spots on your teeth and why do our teeth turn yellow? If you say the main reasons;

- Poor care is one of the problems with teeth. If you do not remove the plaques from your teeth with products such as floss and oral care water, your tooth color will change over time
- Weakening of tooth enamel and the appearance of the tooth bone can also lead to discoloration in the tooth.
- Consuming tea or coffee intensively and using tobacco products such as cigarettes negatively affects the teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Since it is quite mixed with tooth stone and plaque cleaning, many people ask what is dich whitening. Teeth whitening is the process of purifying the teeth from all the colors that have been sniped into the tooth. In general, personalized apparatus, special drugs or radiations that will not harm the person are used in this process. The procedure is painless and has no side effects. The only downside is waiting. At this point, you can listen to music or watch something during the session.

Laser Zoom Teeth Whitening

It would not be wrong to say that laser zoom, which is a fast and effective tooth whitening method, is a revolution for teeth whitening treatment. A gel containing 25 percent hydrogen peroxide and a bleaching lamp are used to activate it. Thanks to the zoom feature, you can get much whiter teeth when you have this procedure done for 90 minutes. This treatment will be a good alternative for you if you are a person with limited time because it is very effective and so fast.

How to Do Laser Teeth Whitening?

If you want a better smile and wonder how to do laser teeth whitening.

- First of all, tooth cleaning is done and plaques and tartar in the patient's mouth are removed
- Teeth are checked to determine whether the patient is suitable for treatment.
- Protective is applied so that the gums and lips are not damaged.
- Then a special whitening gel is applied to the teeth
- Then laser application is performed with short-term beam transmissions
- The gels are removed from the tooth and the process is completed.

Tooth Whitening Treatment Methods

For those who want to change their smile and wonder what are the treatment methods of teeth whitening;

- Household teeth whitening; gels are squeezed into personal plaques and the person whitens their teeth by wearing them at home for certain periods of time
- Office-type teeth whitening; It is also known as laser teeth whitening, which is the most important feature of this treatment. Gel and ray are used together.
- Single teeth whitening; If you have only one tooth that has changed color from treatments or other reasons, it is only the whitening process focused on it.
- Combined whitening; it is called to apply home type and office whitening together in heavy and dark tooth spots
- Zoom teeth whitening; it is a fairly new treatment method made using blue LED. It's like whitening with a beam.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Treatment, which many people know as teeth whitening at home but whose main name is home tooth whitening, is a long-lasting but effective treatment method. In this method, the tooth mold of the person is taken and a personalized plaque is made. Then whitening gel is sprayed on some points of this plaque. The person uses this record for 10 to 15 days between 4-6 hours a day and whitens the teeth.

Teeth Whitening in the Clinic

In the clinic, which is the other name of laser teeth whitening, teeth whitening treatment is performed in the form of applying rays after applying whitening gel to the person's teeth. UV light can be used as well as laser whitening gel can be activated. The process can take about 1 hour. If the stains are heavy, the process can be continued with household whitening.

Laser Teeth Whitening

In this method, which is also known as teeth whitening in the clinic, the patient's teeth are cleaned first. Then the gums and lips are covered so that no harm is caused by protective products. Then the whitening gel is applied and laser beams are sent to the teeth in as little as 30 seconds, whitening the teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening, which can be called a new treatment , is done with a special blue LED developed by Philips. In general, this treatment can continue with home tooth whitening. In treatment, 3 sessions of 15 minutes are sufficient.

Things to Look Out For After Teeth Whitening

For those who are wondering what to look out for after teeth whitening, which is a simple treatment , we can list this as follows;

- It is important to pay attention to this issue, as it can be hot or cold sensitivity in the first days.
- Food and beverages such as tea and coffee chocolate wine, which may stain the teeth for 4 days after the procedure, should be avoided.
- After the procedure, care products such as oral care water floss should be used to prolong the whitening effect.

Teeth Whitening Prices in Turkey

If you want to whiten your teeth in our country and wonder how much teeth whitening prices are in Turkey, the procedure varies from clinic to clinic, but the average teeth whitening price for the jaw varies around $86, excluding the materials, and around $15 per single teeth whitening session. Merter Dental Clinic is always in an assertive position in terms of teeth whitening prices.

When teeth whitening services in Istanbul Turkey services come to the fore, we come across an extremely comprehensive field of work.

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